‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
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Monday, June 17, 2013 9:53 PM

Last 2 weeks had been rather fruitful... But I don't why know why, I still feel insecure. Still, going to try, no matter what. Gonna blog about the past few events which had brightened up my days!!!
Manhattan Fish Market! Grilled Dory Fish! And I love the tomato soup, which was coincidentally the soup of the day. HAHAHA every time I think of Dory (as in the fish), I would think of myself first. Okay I blame it on my primary school dearests and secondary school lovelies HAHAHA. Honestly, I didn't think anyone would call me Dory again in secondary school but somehow... Kaixin(?) thought of calling me that because she thought that DO-RO-THY is too long... and so everyone started calling me by that name again. :') Awww I really miss all those who were/are close enough to call me by my nicknames: Dory, Dotty and Doro. Sadly, I kind of lost contact with some people now... I can only blame it on myself. Tbh, I really did wrong, I know. Why did I have to do that... Why couldn't I just let it go... I'm really sorry... To all those whom I have hurt and whom I have loved, I'm really sincerely, truly, genuinely, deeply, absolutely, severely sorry.

study date with jerry
Met up with Jerry last Monday for our study date... I have to say that I wasn't being particularly productive. :( But maybe it was being I just started my revision for maths then, so the pace was rather snail-like. Jerry blogged about me two times, so I just have to blog at least once for her too ^^ And then we went at about 1+pm, we went to eat pepper lunch! It has been a pretty long time since I last ate that so I was happy HAHAHA. Then Jerry told me to download snapchat == I didn't want to because I'm too glam, sorry. HAHAHA. And we ate the ice-cream there too! I tried the caramel which she told me about and she tried matcha (green tea!) ice-cream. Too sweet >< After which, we walked aimlessly around the mall and talked a lot ~~ It was a great catch-up session hehehe, though it wasn't a productive study date. ^^ Amazing how I could remember so much from last week. I guess I have pretty good memory then. Thanks jerry for that day and for everything else!! ♥ I miss Ziyan and Rachel so much too :( Can't wait to meet up again!!! But for now, let's work hard together :)))

lovelies till the end of time

Here are my lovelies whom I have missed and whom I'm still missing even at this point in time. ♡ Finally met up with them last Thursday ^^ But I recently met up with Eunice so I didn't miss her as much but the rest :'(( We went to Bugis! It was the first time we cam-whored like crazy outside Bugis+, probably because we realised we didn't take many photos in the past, so we wanted to capture all moments like these. Ate at Seoul Yummy @ Bugis+! Ordered the Saba Fish Meal!! It was good and I like the drink and food. Okay it was expensive but it was a good meal so it was worth it, I guess? (*trying to comfort myself as my money flew away...*) Then we walked practically everywhere, all over Bugis! Didn't know what to do and I suggested to go play LAN together but they have never played before. Yeah... I'm the most boy-ish one, is it?! HAHAHA so in the end, we just walked and walked. Then we came to an arcade and we bought credits and played. Played the shoot zombies game but it ended so quickly because I died so quickly... So sorry for wasting the credits, Kaixin. :( Then we played the racing car game... Don't know why but in the end only Eunice and I were competing against each other. She was initially in the lead but at the very last lap, I leaped over her and stole the win. And I swear, I'm completely bad at this game. Tried before several times and during all these times, I kept getting stuck and I always gave up. YAY!! ^^ I must be a natural pro or something.

Then they wanted to take Neoprints but there isn't any booth now in Bugis so they wanted to go Dhoby Ghaut... OKAY I kept refusing because I was really lazy to go and I didn't think it was worth it and I thought we didn't have to take it right then, right?! So in the end, they sort of gave up and all that time, I was feeling bad, all right? But THANKS HEAVEN, the most miraculous thing happened. Just outside Bugis Juction, there is this white street with many stalls selling stuff and there was this Smurfs booth offering people to take photos for free in celebration of Smurfs' birthday. Yep, so Yijun, Kaixin and I were contemplating whether to go and take the photos then RUN AWAY XD (while Eunice was looking around) Because, we were supposed to hang the photos on the gallery... But we wanted the photos!! Then we kept thinking and thinking, finally all four of us decided to go. And guess what? They printed 6 photos in total for us because there was a printing error!! So we could hang 2 of them and keep one each :') It was like fate or something. And the photos taken were super pretty!! I love them more than any other photos I've ever taken with them in the past. So happy, thank god!

Thanks so much for that day and all those memories we have been through together. You guys have been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I love you guys, forever and always, till infinity and beyond. ∞ & →

and so...
Went to JEM last Saturday, on the day of its opening with mum and sis! Love everything there ~ And I bought a pair of pink shoes @ H&M and got free gifts!! They are so generous but the crowd there was horrible. Can't wait to visit again!!!! ~

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