‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
Sunday, April 21, 2013 1:54 PM

20 APRIL was the best day of my life. The day U-KISS came to Singapore and promised us that they would be back again soon. ♡ The hours spent waiting for them, queuing up under the hot sun was excruciatingly slow, but then at around 5pm, we could hear them rehearsing inside!! Initially, I couldn't see much and I had to keep tip-toeing because I'm short, yep... but I don't know how I managed to get near to the barrier and became like the 2nd row of the side LOL :P I kept screaming and Puiling said that my screams were very loud and clear!! I hope my screams got to them!! And I SWEAR OKAY I SWEAR I eye-contacted Kevin. I was screaming and waving my signboard and light sticks frantically. I wasn't far from them at all. In fact, I was quite close already!! Super glad I got my spot because I could see them so clearly without having to strain my legs by tip-toeing! And Puiling is the best photographer I could and would ever have HAHAHA! She filmed down Kevin's, Hoon's and Soohyun's GWIYOMI so clearly and also some other parts of the various songs they performed. I'm so happy I could die right now LOL.

Because my bias is Kevin and hers is Soohyun's, there are manymanymany photos and videos that focus on them!!! It's really amazing to see them in front of my very own eyes and even more amazing when they look at you!!!

케빈 ^^

수현 ^^


동호 doing his GWIYOMI ~

Two of the quietest boys of the day. But we know it's only because they do not quite know how to communicate with us :'( Will never forget SEXY KISEOP'S GWIYOMI AND CUTE MAKNAE DONGHO'S GWIYOMI!!! ^^

제발 떠나가지마 ㅠㅠ To my most perfect boys, thank you so much for coming and I really hope you boys would keep the promise you made. Thank you so much for the memories and thank you for having born. ♡♡♡

Leader Shin, thank you so much for being such an awesome leader and the best ever leader for U-KISS. Thank you for always coming into our direction!! KiSeop ah, your sexy gwiyomi killed everyone of us, I hope you know. Continue being so perfect, as always. Our Maknae Dongho ~! Why do you look so sleepy yesterday?! You have the funniest expressions on all the photos captured on my camera HAHAHA. Stay adorable okay! Jaeseop! Thank you so much for your fanservice. Your GWIYOMI is really the best. Be as amazing as ever! Hoony ~ ^^ Didn't get to see much of you yesterday because you didn't walk to my direction often!! But your muscle GWIYOMI kehehe daebak!! Eli Kim Kyung Jae~!! Drink less red bull okay! Continue to be this flawless. Can't wait for U-BEAT!!! Kevin Woo Sung Hyun, thank you for being the best bias I could ever have. Your cute smiles and your angelic voice... I was really touched to see and hear them all. When you sang 'My Reason', my heart stopped and I couldn't breathe. Too perfect. Thank you.♡
I have never screamed so much in my entire 16+ years of existence. Thank you boys for giving me this opportunity. Always, I'll be there for you xx.

HEHE thanks to Puiling too so much for accompanying me!! Thanks to you, I have so many pretty videos and photos of them that I would never have without you. Without U ~

(PS. Can't get enough of their GWIYOMI!!!!!! I can't stop spazzing.)

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