‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
Thursday, January 31, 2013 1:56 PM

Ate this yesterday with my mum but I paid for it myself. It was almost 10 freaking bucks for this double prosperity beef burger meal omg and I wanted to puke because it was simply too much. Why did we even get double beef when everyone else I saw in Macs got single? Remind me to never eat this again please. :(

Bought my new pencil case after using the same pink one for 4 years!! The Wallet Shop was having an offer for this one so I just had to buy it! This reminds me... I'll have to bid goodbye to my polished nails because school officially starts tomorrow.
And say hello to my new beauty!!! Adidas was having a 25% off sale for this pair of pretty sports shoes and it's really the prettiest out of all the available ones there. I've always been wanting to get a new pair because I don't want to keep wearing my same old Nike ones, so even though I was a bit daunted by the price ($139), after the discount, it actually becomes $104.25 so I thought it was a good investment. :) Bought new pairs of adorable shoes too because... I like them!

I don't feel sad at all not getting into the school of my first choice since I already know some friends of mine going into the same school as me! I guess I was never really sure of my first choice too. And it's the same everywhere, isn't it? 2 years will go by soon enough before you even realise it. I just hope I'll be happy in my new school and get my desired results for A's. But I'm really sorry to my dearie... I'll have to break my promise of going into the same school together. Nevertheless, I know you'll be able to cope there and I wish you'll meet some really good friends (like me!). We'll still be able to hang out as one clique, don't worry! Looking forward to all our outings and to go your house again! *loves* ♡

Anyway, dad got a new ipad for mum and it's totally cool to play with! After this post, I'll be off to play on the ipad so good bye and I wish I'll be happy everyday xx


지금부터... 영원히 ♡
Monday, January 28, 2013 9:39 AM

2 days ago, on Saturday, I met up with my girls @ City Hall - Eunice, YJ, KX and YW! We went to Raffles City and bought Canelé macarons as soon as we reached. The macarons are so absolutely lovelayyyy! Overflowing sweetness!!

macarons @ Canelé

Then after, we bought Best Fries Forever with the sauces Gusto Garlic and Nacho Cheese. I recommended them this stall because I like it hehe ^^

Best Fries Forever

We then headed to Cold Stone Creamery where we bought our ice-cream! Ordered the cheesecake fantasy one because I love cheesecakes but I didn't particularly like the berries in it.

cheesecake fantasy @ Cold Stone Creamery

After the bliss, we walked to Esplanade and out of Esplanade for photos! It was quite sunny but the heat was paired up together with wind so it wasn't that bad. In fact, it felt good to be outdoors!

without kx

group shot! Please, ignore my hair because the wind was too strong!!

trying to pretend we were drinking the water....!

still trying!

jump shot but i'm still on the groud lmao

in the toliet ~

Jolene joined us a bit later because she had just gone to her church...

here's a photo with everyone :)

After which, we walked to Bras Basah Complex, then Bugis but the crowd was ridiculous!!! Shop around then headed back home. Had too much fun on that day HAHAHA. Thanks, my lovelies ♡

Anyway, I came across this while I was searching for movies to watch - Tangled Ever After! It's a sweet and hilarious short film of their wedding day. I supposed I have already expressed my huge love for Tangled so I just have to share this!

Finished watching Dream High 2 but I didn't like it! Everything about it was bad except for the singing part, especially the parts with Hyorin ^^ Have been watching Immortal Song 2 just for Hyorin and omg can I say that I love her husky and sexy voice and that she's beautiful and adorable in her own way with her tanned skin? And she always gives her best in her performances, so watching her perform is like watching her concert. I really like everything about her! ^^

I've also watched Love Rain... To be honest, I was a bit daunted by the opinions of my friends who told me that it's a slow drama and quite boring but luckily, I gave it a try, also because I was bound by my responsibility of a sone to support my girls. And, it wasn't so bad at all! Okay... the first 4 episodes set in the olden days were boring, because they were trying to make the love pure and innocent and all but the modern day JGS and Yoona totally captivated my heart! How they met in Japan was extremely romantic... How they watched the Diamond Snow together and how they fell in love afterwards. Everything is just sooooo prettily sweet. And my goddess Yoona is too pretty. I can never love her enough HAHAHA. Love Rain is really a pretty drama, all right? So watch if you don't mind a bit of slowness. (:

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for the both of us
Friday, January 18, 2013 11:46 AM

It has been long, yeah? So many things happened over the past 2 weeks and the most significant thing that happened was the receiving of O'levels' results. I was extremely disappointed but I knew at once what led to my downfall - English. Didn't I post long ago about how I screwed up oral badly? :( My HCL grade was the least expected... Honestly, I thought that getting an A was impossible and I was just hoping for a pass but :) I've always been doing well for both my Chemistry and Biology so I was really proud when I saw both A1s. What really surprised me the most was Physics, because I scored an A2 although I was damn sure that I would get a B for it since I didn't exactly know what I was doing... Both of my maths were disappointing. The bell curve led me to this srlsy. :( So I figured (actually quite a long time ago) that I'm more of a science person, especially in Biology and Chemistry. My friends also see me as a science person and I don't know why, but that really makes me happy. And I'm glad there are still people who believe in my capabilities even though I feel like I have not lived up to their expectations. I'm really sorry towards my parents and even more towards myself. But hearing words of encouragement from those dear to me and from my parents really really really gave me strength. It isn't the end of the world, I know, but I just feel so depressed seeing others getting better results than me when I honestly feel that I had worked a lot harder than them. I had worked consistently and persistently for the 4 years in my school and yet... It feels so unfair to me because I really gave my best (I think) but I guess I peaked at the wrong time sigh... Hope I get into the school of my FIRST CHOICE (only those close to me will know)!! Please, god.

last sunday

Baked Alaska @ Island Creamery

Met up with yijun, eunice, jolene & her twin at woodlands mrt station yesterday. We went to Eunice's house and she had her maid cook our lunch for us. Made Eunice play the guitar for us. She has 2 guitars, one of which is classical and the other is acoustic. Guitar seems really hard and different from the ukulele that my sis has. She's at grade 3 now and isn't really good at strumming but I'm sure she'll be even better next time!! Looking forward to hearing her play on the guitar when we go her house in future ~ Had lunch while chatting then we proceeded to watch movies! This girl really has the largest collection of dvds that I've ever seen and they are definitely NOT pirated CDs. So rich .__. We watched a short film by Roystan Tan first and it's really short, a movie of only 15 min. Didn't get what the movie was about. It seems pointless to me. Then we watched Brave and Tangled! Tangled is one of my favourite movies up till now! I remember I watched it with my dearests in 3D hehehe :) I absolutely love the scene when all the floating lights flew up into the sky and Rapunzel and Flynn were on a boat, the scene where they almost kissed. It's simply a sight too beautiful to behold.

watching Tangled and holding our own mini party

yijun, me, eunice

yijun, me, eunice

Thanks everyone for yesterday ♡ Really had a great time watching movies/eating/chatting/laughing with my lovelies hehehe :)

Finished watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal last week! The story plot is set in the olden days in Korea and even though I prefer Japanese's Kimono to Korean's Hanbok, seeing all the olden garments is still quite a pleasant sight to the eyes. Joongki's winks arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *____* Love the story line too!! This drama is great, seriously, aside from the cute guys lol.

Reply 1997! The most adorable drama of 2012! This is the best drama of the year, in my honest opinion because I love practically everything about it!! The OSTs are superb, especially eunji's and seoinguk's duets - all for you and our love like this. Love both songs so much!!!

Also, for the record, I made a trip to the library last Saturday and borrowed 4 books, 3 of which I've already finished reading. For One More Day by Mitch Albom, (also the author of the top-selling book, Tuesdays With Morrie) is an inspiring story on how a distraught middle-aged man tried to suicide, not just once, but thrice and on the brink of his death, he saw the ghost of his mother, who helped him overcome his depression. Wishin' and Hopin' by Wally Lamb is a light and jovial book, filled with funny moments, the setting based on the school life of a young boy. Lady Macbeth by Susan Fraser King is a captivating book on a dignified young lady, who would later be known as Lady Macbeth, and later Queen Macbeth. The main character, the Lady, is in complete contrast to the Lady portrayed in the popular Shakespeares' play, Macbeth. Lady Macbeth in the former story was a courageous, strong-willed and also a fiercely loyal woman. However, in the latter, she was seen as a villain, an antagonist of the plot. However, I would like to believe that she was truly a brave, good woman like how Susan Fraser King had portrayed.

Shall read my last book, Rickshaw boy, in the days to come! xx

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even with my dark side?
Tuesday, January 8, 2013 1:20 PM

I realised I haven't really posted properly about my thoughts/feelings/reflections on the year 2012. I haven't even written anything about 2013 yet... I'm not going to deny, 2012 was a tough year for me. It was an arduous journey which I'm glad I've overcome. How many times did I say that I was just too tired over that year? I can't even begin to count them. I lived everyday quite lifelessly. I didn't do much to participate in anything. I felt like the world owed me too much and that everyone let me down. Because I was silly that way, thinking that my own loneliness and misery were fully contributed by the happiness and positive feeling of others. I felt so betrayed by this world because I thought, what did I do to be that undeserving of even being happy? When I saw others smiling and laughing away from the bottom of their hearts, I couldn't help but feel a wedge of pain through my heart. How could I even be that pathetic, to be filled with jealousy of others' happiness? Most of all, why couldn't I, just once, laugh along sincerely, honestly and painlessly with others? Why?? In the end, I chose the safest way to keep myself from feeling any more hurt than what I was feeling right then - indifference. I decided to keep up with a cool appearance, ignoring things happening around me about 75% of the time. I tried to bury my pain, and mask up the wrenching feeling on my heart, but as much as I hated to admit it, as hard as I tried, I still couldn't completely erase away this overwhelming feeling. Every now and then, triggers everywhere would penetrate through the icy walls which I had built around my heart and melt them all down, forcing me to lose control and to break down. How I hated myself at these times then... I was wallowing in my self-pity even though time after time, I kept telling myself "never again". I guess, even with all my strength and effort, I'm still human after all.

Even so... I can't quite completely deny that I've never once felt happy because I would be lying. Little things like heart-warming hugs, kind words, gifts and sincere feelings from others really touched my heart deeply. It was at these moments when I realised that it was wrong to be angry with the world. It was wrong to take out all my anger at others just because they didn't understand me and I had really hoped they would. Most of all, it was wrong to be so hard on myself and questioning my existence time after again.

So... I learnt to forgive and it really took me a long time whenever I tried to do that because I couldn't forget the degree of hurt they inflicted on me just because they were thoughtless/tactless/insensitive/self-centered/malicious. I just couldn't because I'm no angel and how I wish I could just repay back what they've done to me and by that, I really mean mentally. But it was ironic how the damage I've done to myself and others was even greater, amplified day after day. I then realised that I could be merciless and unforgiving too, blinded by my thirst for revenge because I had so desired them to have a taste of their own bitter medicine. Hatred, however, was too strong a flame to last for long and when it burnt out, I was always left numb and wondering.

My mind was a battlefield everyday for the year 2012. I'm so glad I haven't gone insane and lapsed into depression yet. → (I'm saying this in a joking manner because I've come to truly let go of things and these days, my heart feels considerably lighter.)


눈물나게 아름다운
Wednesday, January 2, 2013 10:35 AM

Back from my trip to Kuching! Even if my experience couldn't be described as "great", it was certainly pleasant. On Monday, we took an evening flight back to Singapore. Coincidentally, it was New Year's Eve. When we reached Singapore, it was already around 8pm. I wonder if it was because of the New Year's Countdown happening across the city that Singapore was brightly lit or could it be that Singapore has always been this sparkling? If it is true, then all I really want to say is that this city is truly beautiful. The night view from my plane was extremely stunning! And I had a whale of fun annoying my brother since he was sitting beside me. There was this British family a few seats in front of us and the kids were so adorable! I kept hearing them say "Are we ready to take off yet?" with their British accent. So I imitated them and said it to my brother, repeatedly if I may add. Mind you, I could do it quite well, partly influenced from Harry Potter. How do I do that, if you may ask? I play Hermione's voice in my head and follow her way of speaking. Then, voila! Since I've lost track of the sequence of events that happened over the (almost) 2 weeks there, I shall just share some of the more significant ones.

BBQ on one of the first few nights because it was my cousin's birthday. I swear my 2nd uncle owns an animal farm lol. Why am I saying that? Because he owns some roosters, hens, a goose (?), 2 dogs, 2 cats and the he catches pythons occasionally.

Pretty flowers taken at his house!

Golden beach! I can't even tell you how beautiful it is. It is amazing beyond words. The moment I stepped on the soft sand, I felt as though I had entered a mystical realm. The feeling is indescribable. Everything was so peaceful; serene. The sky had the most perfect shade of blue, complementing the colour of the sea. It had such a fairy tale feel to it that I was lost its dream-like beauty. The pictures above can't even portray its loveliness.

My last uncle drove us to the country side on the same day we visited Golden beach! The scenery there is awe-inspiring.

BBQ yet again on our last night! My younger cousin just returned back from Germany and I'm really surprised at how much she has changed. But she said she was surprised too. I guess time really changes things a lot. I remember I had several sleepovers at her house before and we played a lot together when we were kids HAHA. She was like my childhood friend :)

the gingerbread house!

osaka cakes!

And of course, one thing that we did most often was eating! The food there is rather cheap and there are many delicacies you can't find in Singapore, such as Kolo Mee, Kuching Laksa and many others. The seafood there is good and cheap too hehehe :3

red velvet cake!

The next thing we did quite often was to go to Starbucks! That was because of the free wifi there HAHAHA. And when we had nothing to do or had to wait for my uncle(s) to fetch us back, we had no choice but to go there. Yes, the food/drinks there are cheaper than those in Singapore yet again.

Overall, we did a lot of shopping at the various large shopping malls but I have to admit, the malls in Singapore are much better. Even the washrooms there can be improved. Other than the presence of mosquitoes and that the cleanliness of the place is lacking, my stay has been a rather pleasant one. (: Thanks to all my uncles/aunties who have made it quite enjoyable for us over these 2 weeks!

Last but not the least, I would like to introduce this cute little thing to you - my baby cousin! She doesn't cry much and she likes to hold things, like my finger, for example. She peed on my sister when my sister was holding her once and she was secretly smiling away. Naughty naughty girl! I hope you grow up to be a sweet and pretty girl, baby. ^^

p.s. most of the photos are taken by my sis. SONY DSC © SL PoundCake's Photography.

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