‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
Friday, December 21, 2012 11:59 PM

Okay this is a scheduled post. By the time I post this, it should be already December 21, which is also supposedly the day the world ends. I really wonder what the Mayans are doing now... Are they praying for their lives now or just silently waiting for this day to come, preparing for their deaths? After all, they were the ones who predicted this tragedy. I wonder if the world really ends... will it be like what the movie 2012 showed us? Or maybe not.

If I'm still alive...
I'm probably in Kuching, East Malaysia right now and I don't think I'm having a lot of fun. The main purpose of going back there is to see my relatives and that's about all. A period of 10 days is so freaking long. I really think I'll die not from the 2012 disaster, but rather, from boredom instead. Although we planned to shop till we drop, eat good food and visit some famous sites, this is not the holiday I'm looking for. I want to visit Venice, the place rich in culture and history, the name itself portraying beauty and classiness. When my Social Studies teacher told us about her few trips to Venice, my eyes were filled with amazement and wonder. Wanderlust. But apparently, she also mentioned that her tour guide told her that Venice is a sinking country... It is predicted to sink in 10 years' time or maybe less now... Similarly, I would like to go to all those pretty English countries. Gosh how lovelycan the buildings be, seriously! I want to go to Paris too and have a first-hand experience of the Eiffel Tower itself. Also, I wouldn't forget about visiting Japan and Korea, both of which are the very countries I've loved since I was a little girl. There's just too much to do in this only life I have. YOLO!

If I'm dead...
Well... no regrets here. I didn't feel that I've spent my 16 years of life fruitfully. Instead, I feel like I wasted my life away. Maybe I would have several lingering regrets but I guess dying is an easy escape out of this shitty life.


god, it has already started!
Monday, December 17, 2012 10:15 AM

Really wanted to do this since last week but I never got around doing it because I was too lazy... But I have all sort of feels which I don't even know where to hide them AND I really need to pour all my feelings out, you know.

Anyway, let us start with animes from this season (fall)! There are visibly more shoujos this particular season than any other seasons and these shoujos are pretty good. Currently watching 4 ongoing ones - SAO, Sukitte ii nayo, Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun and Kamisama Hajimemashita! I really really really LOVE the last one. I even read the manga up to the latest chapter because I couldn't stand the wait/tension anymore. (╥_╥) There are still many others recommended by my friends which I haven't started watching yet but I guess I will soon enough.

Kamisama Hajimemashita (神様はじめました)!! My favourite out of all of this season's anime. The reason why I love this is as you guess, because of TOMOE. He's so cute and he has such cute ears. And he's such a adorable kisune. I wanna jump into the anime and hug him because he has such a terrifying/tragic past. I want to tell him it's okay, I'm here and I LOVE HIM (GOSH) SO MUCH. o(╥﹏╥)o But recently, the manga has gotten me all confused and I actually went to many forums where the members discuss about their opinions and even theories. So, did Tomoe actually fall in love with Yukiji or Nanami who possessed her body at that moment? Has it always been Nanami? If it is, I feel really pained because Nanami actually has to hide the truth from Tomoe because she didn't want to interfere with the past. BUT DUMMY, THE MOMENT WHEN YOU WENT BACK INTOTO THE PAST, YOU WERE ALREADY INTERFERING. I wonder if Tomoe would realise that it has always been Nanami all along, and not Yukiji. But then, this theory can't explain why Nanami has the dragon eye in her. Nanami actually fed Yukiji the dragon eye. Unless there are many dragon eyes in the story, the only possible explanation is that Nanami is the reincarnation of Yukiji? All in all, we really can't deny/ignore the connection between these two characters. A part of me really wishes that Tomoe will forget about the past and love Nanami more, then what will happen next will definitely be a happy ending!

I'm really sorry about all the spoilers and all but whoo, I've finally gotten all of it off my chest. Really can't wait for the new chapters!!ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (となりの怪物くん)! To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this anime but it's really kind of funny even though I don't really like Haru, the main character in the show. I mean, he's so abusive and violent that I'm worried for the safety of Shizuku... And even though he's dumb, he's a genius?! This doesn't make any sense. He should totally read some books about "How to treat a girl nicely"/"How to control yourself"/"How to act normally". On the other hand, I really like Shizuka because she's cold-blooded and cool, not like the usual meek kind of girl you normally see in animes.


Another one that I'm watching from this season is Sukitte ii nayo... and I don't really like it because I don't like both the guy and the girl. Planning to drop it soon because I can't stand them, especially the guy! So this is the end of all my animes from this season. Now... for the other animes that I've watched.

Skip Beat! This anime has a very interesting and awesome plot but when it ended with an abrupt ending, all my hopes were crashed. Everyone was saying about season 2 coming out soon but 2012 is already coming to an end and there is still no news about it... Since I couldn't stand it, I started reading the manga and like a fool, I actually cried reading it because during the birthday celebration for Maria, they actually held one for Kyoko too since her birthday was just a day after Maria's. Okay... I know it's silly to cry but I couldn't help it because Kyoko practically wasted her 16 years of life on Sho and I don't think she has ever had a birthday party just for her. It's so bittersweet I just couldn't help it and the tears just began flowing naturally. I feel so happy for her because she's such a nice girl and nice girls deserve to be happy, at least I believe so. The manga is kind of sweet but chapter 195 totally took me by surprise because... Was scrolling through pages under that tag on tumblr because I was experiencing too many different sorts of feels and I literally LOL when I saw the reactions to that chapter. Ditto, fellow readers. I can't believe it too. I really hate that Sho... So what if you realise only now that you actually do like Kyoko more than you think you had last time? You shattered her heart and now you want her back? Who do you think you are, running around leaving scars, collecting your jar of hearts, tearing love apart??? HAHAHA. Funny how Christina Perri's Jar of Hearts perfectly fit into the context here. I really do hope Kyoko will end up with Ren quickly. I hope Ren hurry defeat his darkness and be together with Kyoko. Then voila, A HAPPY ENDING!!! 。◕‿◕。

I've also watched The World Only God Knows 1 & 2, Special A and Kimi Ni Todoke. Kimi Ni Todoke was actually a pain to watch because it's too slow-paced for me and I was actually a bit bored from watching. But I guess it all ends well.

Ending with Kamisama Hajimemashita's op song! Isn't it cute? ♡ (o⌒.⌒o)

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you shoot me down, but I won't fall
Saturday, December 15, 2012 7:47 PM

Watched The Hobbit with my parents yesterday @ Great World City, GV GRAND. Dad had free tickets to the movie so he offered us to go. Sis had plans so she couldn't and my bro didn't want to go because he was busy playing his computer games. SO... I went. We reached there too early and we chilled at Starbucks waiting for time to pass by. Anyway, we had these coupons which we could exchange them for popcorn & nachos. We ended up having 3 regular popcorn combo (popcorn + drink) and a nachos combo (nachos + drink)... We don't like fizzy drinks so we ended up throwing 3 cups full of coke away.

About The Movie
Because Dad said it's a spin off from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, I thought I wouldn't be able to follow the movie since I watched the Lord Of The Rings many years back and I can't quite recall what the trilogy is all about. The only thing that I can remember, though quite vaguely, is the scene where the trees suddenly came to life during the war. THAT'S ALL. But, fortunately, it wasn't the case at all. I could follow the movie even though I've forgotten quite cleanly about the whole trilogy and I thought it was a rather nice movie. Kinda exciting but a little too gruesome for my taste. Okay but since it's all about fighting and such, I should expect such stuff. But hell, the characters are ugly, as in the hideous creatures which are both frightening and stupid at the same time. Well... but Dad seems to like the movie a lot LOL.

That's about all x In the midst of preparing for the trip though I'm totally not looking forward sigh :( Perhaps it would all turn out well. Shall post about the animes/mangas too soon!!

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you zing me ~ ♡
Thursday, December 13, 2012 3:10 PM

Have not been posting lately because I've been too busy going out/watching animes/reading mangas hehehe :3 All the animes/mangas that I've watched/read will be discussed later in a separate post (too precious ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ )

last friday

red velvet ~

Raspberry something, Friday's special

Went to City Hall with mum and walked around and around and around LOL. Covered areas in City Hall Link, Millenia Walk, Suntec City, Marina Square and Esplanade. Bought twelve cupcakess @ Millenia walk, 3 out of 6 were ruined because apparently, I bought them too early and we were basically walking too much. I regretted it so much. Anyway, the main motive of buying twelve cupcakes was to give my dearests lol. nvm :)

yoshinoya! @ marina square

ice-cream @cityhall link

So mesmerised by the colour of the ice cream (on the right) that I immediately wanted to try it and it was having a promotion too! They even had a smurf logo on that flavour's signboard so I just had to try it. SWEET. I really like this colour 。◕‿◕。 Had blisters and cuts on my foot after that day because of the shoes I was wearing. Regretted so much that I wished I had worn my sandals instead. Self-reminder: ALWAYS WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES WHEN WALKING LONG DISTANCES!!!

last saturday
Finally met up with Jerry, Ziyan and Rachel @ Bugis! It has been so long ~ Our main purpose of meeting up was to catch up with one another so we decided to have late lunch together ^^ Ate @ ramen champion in Bugis + (i recommended it since it looks nice) since they mentioned ajisen and I was thinking, ramen champion sells authentic ramen, so wouldn't it taste better?? I ordered bario ramen and I didn't particularly like it so yeah... Wanted to try the special tonkutsu ramen but they hadn't started cooking that yet (T▽T) oh well, my loss. Chatted a lot in that restaurant and later at J.CO cafe... Was talking so much about our lives and other of our previous schoolmates' lives. HAHAHA I miss talking like that... I hope that no matter how much we changed or will change, we'll still keep in contact, just like what we have been doing since 4 years ago /blessed :)

Met up with Nic & Puiling @ Somerset. Bought our tix at Cineleisure then we ate @ Pastamania! Ordered the 12-inch Hawaiian pizza and we shared. Chatted a lot about how PL used to be like some big gang sister. I mean she used to team up with a guy in kindergarten and bullied other people. OMG THE HORROR... I'm so glad I wasn't in her class. ^___^ And she told us a lot of her JC life... which really had me pondering over. I've been giving quite a lot of thought about the future and the most prominent thing now, JC life. Sigh life's too tough ( ≧Д≦)

hotel transylvania!

And we watched this! I had neutral sentiments about this movie so I won't comment much about it. It was just... okay I guess. Then we went to scape and sat down at some place and chatted about lots of things LOL. Thank you girls :)


pitch perfect!

I watched this yesterday and I really love it... OH god how I wish I could just sing like that too sighhhh ~

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all for you
Tuesday, December 4, 2012 5:09 PM

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 @ bugis yesterday with Eunice! (: And this officially marks the end of The Twilight Saga, which is pretty sad, like how I felt when Harry Potter ended. ): The movie wasn't as bad as expected. In fact, it was quite amazing, especially the fighting part. Well... those of you who said that the previous movies are boring will definitely see a huge improvement from the previous. For the first time throughout all the twilight movies that I've sat through so far, none of them gave me the same degree of thrill and fear as this particular one. During the scene where the fight between the Volturi and the cullens & friends began which was shown through Alices' vision, I felt a stab of pain every time a vampire/wolf died. The way they died is so horrifying and I was like, "NONONOOOOOO!!! Please don't die." I felt the most severe pain when Carlisle died because SHIT JUST GOT SO REAL. I didn't want to see the heads being ripped off etc... It made my stomach churn from sickness. But when I realised it was all in the mind, I really heaved a huge sigh of relief. Thank god!

Since it was raining heavily yesterday, we just shopped aroung Bugis Junction and Bugis+. It was initially our intention to drink Starbucks/eat cheesecake from The Coffee Bean but we were so full from the large popcorn combo (including drink) and our lunch that we gave up on that idea.

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