‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
Friday, September 21, 2012 5:30 PM

Just ended Prelims 2 yesterday... okay it really wasn't as good as expected because I'm actually already expecting several screwed up papers. Getting a lot of stress ideky. The only comfort I have now is that it's only FREAKING PRELIMS 2, I just have to do well for O's!!! After the last paper yesterday, YJ and I went to E's house @ woodlands to make the scrapbook kind of cards for J's birthday. Initially, we were contemplating whether to do since we don't really have a lot of time left to O's. (As of today, we have only about 30 days left... *screams*) But since everyone in the clique got it (especially me, I think i got the loveliest ones out of all ^^), we decided to just do that. KX came late after we ate @ CWP at Pizzahut. It has been a long time since I ate pizza whee ~ After she came, we began to do the cards very seriously LOL. I'm so amazed and envious by E's wide range of materials for designing cards and I really had a great time choosing the pretty papers and making crafts. Though it was tiring, it was a fun day yesterday. The end-products absolutely made our efforts worthy, so I really can't complain much. I'm so proud that I was the one who came up with the butterflies exploding design lolllll. Only they know what I'm talking about heh. :) So yep, happy belated birthday J!

Got back English papers today... I'm super surprised because I honestly believed that I wrote like crap for the composition but still :') It really piques my interest further in becoming an author next time. I'll be the next Jodi Picoult, who specialises in writing beautiful, yet utterly tragic stories, who knows? *winks* English wasn't bad overall, but I'm sure oral is bound to pull me down. So yep, expecting a B3 for now.... Oh well.

My angel, taeng ♡ Have been watching To The Beautiful You recently and omg I love Sulli & Minho *___* And i love hearing smtown artistes' voices as the background. Loving the OST sooooo much already, especially 'Closer', sang by Taeng. Her amazing vocals never fail to bring tears to my eyes. Hope the ending will be good hehehe. xx

Also, just started Secret Garden and after watching the first episode, I'm totally hooked. Hyunbin ~ (♡___♡) ~

(edit on 23 September, 5:04pm)
Well as you've guessed, I've finished watching Secret garden and it's so awesome that I cried so hard for it because this is the first time (or maybe a few times already) that the guy loves the girl soooo much. It's such a great love, too overwhelming for me to bear so I can't help but let my heart shatter into a million pieces lol. Exaggerations aside, I really think it's a good drama that can make my heart flutter a lot a lot lol. (Not purely because of hyunbin, hehehe) But awww the 'foam kiss' and 'sit-ups' scenes really made me squeal in girlish delight because I can't get enough of the cutesy hehehe :3 the ending is way fantastic because who wouldn't love seeing our favourite couple living blissfully forever? It gives us hopes that happy endings really do exist. A girl can dream, can't she? :) Well feeling really empty now... How can thy film such a wonderful drama and expect us, poor audience, to pull ourselves back together after everything ends?? *crying forever* 그 남자... 그 여자...

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