‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
The art of racing in the rain.
Sunday, August 28, 2011 8:39 AM

Read this book yesterday. 'The art of racing in the rain' by Garth Stein. The reason why I chose to borrow this book was, firstly, the story revolves around a dog. This made me recall another book titled 'Marley and Me'. I do adore dogs, though not the aggressive ones, preferably the softer ones. Secondly, Jodi Picoult gave her praise for this book, which was more than enough for me to quickly snatch it away from the shelf since I have always been an avid fan of her books. This book is... well, pretty funny, with several touching/sweet moments. Sadly, though, because I kept trying to speed-read, I didn't manage to read it thoroughly. I did it almost in a flash. My biggest regret is to not slowly enjoy every moment of the book. Still, I can say that this is a remarkably good book, therefore I'm recommending it to every single one of you! xx

Before I forget...

생일 축하합니다 조권오빠! ♥

Kwonnie, you're forever filled with your kkap-ness hahaha. You always do hilarious things, but you're always cool and adorable to me. I really miss you on stage and on WGM. Life doesn't feel right not seeing 2AM frequently now. You guys need to comeback soon! Please stay healthy and eat well. 권아 사랑해요!! <3

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I smell rain.
Saturday, August 27, 2011 8:40 AM

This is a follow-up post on Clannad from my previous one, 'Dango Dango Dango big family'. YEPPP here to announce that I've completed the whole 2 seasons of Clannad, Clannad & Clannad After Story. You don't have to hear my non-stop ramblings on the anime, so I'm here to share with you some of the tear-jerking moments which can simply break your heart.

This scene is priceless.

This scene is golden.


Clannad has made it into my list of 'favourite animes' hahaha. It's so absolutely wonderful. It's a MUST-WATCH even though you may end up running out of tears from all the touching moments inside. Don't worry, I can pass you tissue papers for it. *evil smile* Nevertheless, there are comedic scenes inside too. SO HERE'S THE MOST EPIC/HILARIOUS ONE.

Tomoya: If there's something that you wish for, I can buy it for you!
Nagisa: A baby.
-awkward silence-


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dango dango dango big family
Friday, August 26, 2011 5:10 PM

Been watching this anime recently. Currently watching Clannad After Story (season 2). Cried about 4 times so far, each time purely because I was so touched. Tomaya and Nagisa are really the cutest couple ever. I love them loads, so much that it breaks my heart knowing what will happen to them next.

→ SPOILER ALERT! ( Heard that Nagisa will die when giving birth to their child but something will happen next... ) SIGH MEHHH NOOO. :( Then Tomaya will end up with depression but I still haven't get the full story yet. So finish watching before telling you guys, all right? I guess I can go on forever telling you how awesome and adorable Tomoya is, and how Nagisa is so lovely and kind and caring towards Tomoya but sadly, she has a tough life. But I'm definitely not going to do that now. Shall elaborate more on CLANNAD after I've completed the series.

Just went out with Weiting and Zihui for lunch at a nice little western stall at a coffee shop near school. I honestly think it's value-for-money and filling! THANKS BITCH FOR RECOMMENDING HAHAHA. Then after, we went to Clementi Mall where Zihui bought YAMI YOGHURT and we walked around. It was fun but at last, we visited the library because Zihui had to borrow some books on Nepal. She's one of the selected lucky ones who are given the opportunity for this overseas trip. HEHE CONGRATS. Have fun & be safe! (:

Ending this post with Dango Daikazoku, the ending song for Clannad: season 1! (≧◡≦)

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Angel beats!
Sunday, August 21, 2011 7:59 AM

Finished watching Angel beats within a day! (actually I cheated because I've long watched the 1st episode hehe). It's really so damn awesome; it triggers all your emotions and I can't help feeling the hollowness deep inside yet again.

When Otonashi met a train accident and was trapped with some other passengers, he took care of all of them with his medical knowledge. He was supposedly on his way to take the entrance exam because he wanted to be a doctor so that he can help others. He wanted to carry on his sister's will of living. During the 7th day when they were still stuck inside the tunnel, he took out a card and circled all the organs which he wanted to donate after he died. He told the others that he could be of use to others, and they starting taking out their own cards and did the same. Then all of a sudden, light entered the tunnel. There were people who were going to save them. But at the moment, he has already passed away. He was a hero in life, and in the dead. He helped others to fulfil their dreams and pass on peacefully.

When Yui said one of her wishes was to get married, he hesitated a while and Hinata showed up, declaring that he will marry her. Yui said she wouldn't be able to walk or even stand because she was paralysed due to the car accident. Hinata said he doesn't care. He said, "It doesn't matter if you can't walk, stand or even have children, I'll still marry you. Whoever you become, I'll still fall in love with you." He will take care of her, he will love her. Forever.

I cried then, for that scene. Tears started welling in my eyes, and they just fell uncontrollably. I was thinking, 'Why can't guys like these exist in real life?'. Someone like Otonashi. Someone like Hinata. I was so touched because they were so inspiring, so strong and so brave. Heroes.

Thank you Angel Beats! (エンジェルビーツ!) for making me cry and laugh so much.
Thank you for making me realise the importance of living.
Thank you for letting me know the somewhere, somebody is experiencing the same pain as you.

Make the best out of life.


Like a fool
Saturday, August 20, 2011 7:31 AM

Last weekend, I was watching videos to relieve stress! Mostly fancams/parodies. This week I was having my CTs. Fortunately, it's all over now! But there is still not much time till EOYS. Sighhh #sosickofstudying. For now, here are some videos that are REALLYREALLYREALLY precious to me. ♥

This boyyy means so much. (♡)

One of the most epic (IMO) SHINee's parodies at all time, featuring Beethoven Virus. 키키키키키키!

Another parody featuring Harry Potter by SHINee! ^^

Lastly, we have 'GEE'. Look out for familiar faces lmao. KHUN. KWON. KEY.

As you guys can see, these are all SHINee's videos. These boys are so precious, especially 이태민. He means so much to me more than you'll ever know. Thank you boys, for letting me know that the world isn't ugly at all. In fact, it can be beautiful as long as we look in the bright side. And the bright side just happens to be them.

You may think it's silly to be fangirl-ing over idols. I'm wondering if it'll cross to me maybe, 10 years down the road, will I deem it as 'silly' too? I keep thinking, perhaps by then, I'll probably think of it as a waste of time. But what matters now is that, I really feel for them. I relate to them. I love them, not just for their glory side, but also when they break down and cry. Whenever any of my idols start tearing up, tears start welling in my eyes too. This just happen to be a natural reaction. As I said, they mean so much to me more than you'll ever know.

So for now, I guess, what matters most is now.


they say there's no happy love
Sunday, August 14, 2011 2:56 PM

Tomorrow is the start of my examination week! Was intending to post next week rather than now but I guess... I can't resist. These days, I've been so tired of studying and studying and just studying. I can't deny, I feel like giving up sometimes. Life sucks when you have no directions in life and all you could think of now is to go with the flow. SERIOUSLYSUCKSTOBEME.

On Friday, my CCA teacher-in-charge gave us this slip of paper.

It's meaningful, yeah? But still, life is utterly meaningless when you don't know what your existence is for.

Putting this aside, NHGG is holding this NHGG Pyssla Sales 2011 during Mid-Autumn festival. Currently, we are accepting orders and here are some designs I would like to share:

If you can't see clearly due to the poor image quality (my bad, sorry!), these are (starting from the top): Angry bird(!), Domo, Tumblr sign, Facebook sign. Can't believe that my people, both teachers and students, are actually showing their support for us. Some are even buying in huge bulks. THANKS SO MUCH. As you can see, these are actually made from tiny beads, and indeed, the process gets tedious after a while. Really hope our efforts get recognised and they wouldn't go down the drain.

Meanwhile though, wish me good luck for my exams, (& life). xx

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goodbye baby goodbye
Monday, August 8, 2011 12:54 PM

Today was 'NDP Celebration 2011'. It was so boring I don't wish to elaborate in details. Hmph. After the celebration though, met up with Zihui, Vanessa and Weiting and we went to MOS @ Cityvibe for lunch! Initially, we didn't know where to go (clementi mall/cityvibe?) but finally settled on MOS. Haven't had a proper talk with them outside school for quite a while, so yep lunch was good with them. (:

('Nobody notices what I do, until I don't do it.' So true, dude.)

Started playing 'Tiny Tower' yesterday. It's super addictive omg I'm so hooked on to it now. Finished watching 'SNSD horror movie factory' several days ago. Hovan told me their title song would be released on 24 August (?)! I asked him how he knew but he told me 'just wait and see'. Fine, I'll just anticipate then. I hope they'll be having their comeback really soon because I've been looking forward since forever. :'(

Ending this post with this really adorable picture of the really big DOMO!

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I've never heard silence quite this loud.
Sunday, August 7, 2011 8:07 AM

“I hate that feeling when you randomly feel depressed. There is no warning, no apparent reason. It just happens. You feel empty, and you feel hopeless. And you just feel tired. As if you never want to move again. Then when someone asks you what's wrong, you can't say because there is nothing that comes to mind. Then you start thinking of what it could be, and you realize just how much is wrong. You know that feeling? Yeah, it sucks. ”

— Unknown.

↑ ↑ ↑

Pretty much sums up all the things that I want to say. Lately, I've been feeling devoid of life for no apparent reason. Perhaps it's stress, I wouldn't know, but it's driving me crazy.

So anyway, I didn't come here to rant. I decided to change my '100 facts about me' tag to just 'about me'. I think if I continue doing that, I'll never get round to it. Yep so here I am and for now, I shall do a list of my favourite 1...2...3... GAMES! Oh yay rejoice everyone! It's something fun and interesting for a first time. Okay I'm lame. ㅠ_ㅠ

Let's start! ㅋㅋㅋ ~(ㅇㅅㅇ~)(~ㅇㅅㅇ)~ ~(-ㅅ-~)(~-ㅅ-)~

10. Neopets

Yep, this is one of the best online game ever created. Even until now, I can never bear to delete my account. It's just so precious. Too precious... (T o T)

9. Sally's Salon

This is superrr fun! No kidding. I love how you can actually run your own salon, cut others' hair, and a lot of other random stuffs. But indeed, it actually gets boring when you finish all the adventure stages. So yeah, mehhhhh (╥﹏╥)  

8. Cooking Dash

This is a tad similar to Sally's Salon, in terms of strategy and agility. BUT HELL, this is really something you shouldn't miss out! This time, you're a chef and your job is to serve as many customers as quickly as possible. True, it gets tougher after every stage. You're bound to get a hell of time.

7.Angry Birds

As the name suggests, playing this can actually make you real mad. I mean literally. It's so annoying when YOU spend like the whole day trying to kill those irritating animals (be it pigs, monkeys, etc). Sigh playing this can drive you to a corner. ٩(×̯×)۶

6. Tap Tap revenge

WOOHOO you have no idea how fun it is to play the extreme mode. Oh and I have a wide range of songs *showing off* I'm so glad there's this company who invented it. For now, if I recall correctly, I'm a level 62 elite. You're jealous; don't deny. ≧✯◡✯≦

5. Rave Master

Hehe this is one of my childhood games. It's an action game, and by action, I'm actually meaning fighting. Oh well, but still, I really adore this game to the ultimate so muacks. The mermaid, Celia, is my favourite character, followed by Lucia. I heard there is an anime and manga based on this. OHYEAH, shall watch/read it soon. ➳

4. Street Fighter

Another action game which includes a storyline! STREET FIGHTER ftw! For this game, Chun-li is my favourite character. She's the one who is Ryu's rival, and her fighting style is similar to his too. She has powerful moves (especially her kicks). I'll love her forever~ ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

3. The Sims

Finally, now on to our top 3! The Sims is really popular worldwide and I really enjoy every moment while playing it. You can spend forever playing it and still find it entrancing.

2. Harvest Moon

*shrieks* HARVEST MOON!!! This would be my favourite game ever if No. 1 wasn't invented. Honestly, I really love it to bits and pieces. So basically, you are given a farm, a puppy, and a foal. You gotta earn a living and since you have this gigantic farm, what do you do? You grow crops, of course! You run to the town and buy some seeds from the supermarket. In the night, you fish to add to your income. Gradually, you find you have a fair bit of money, so what do you do? You buy yourself livestocks, which include cows, sheeps, and chickens. You have to take good care of them though, and if they fall sick, you can't milk them/collect eggs/you don't get the wool. You have to buy medicine for them then. In addition, you have to brush their fur daily, talk to them and if the weather's perfect, you let them out for a walk. Soon enough, you can have livestocks born from your current ones and you find your farm population increasing. Your puppy and foal would have grown to become a dog and a horse respectively. By then, you would have already made friends with the town people by giving them gifts regularly. You can also get yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend, who will eventually (if you wish), become your spouse and you'll have a marriage ceremony. You'll even have workers taking care of your plantations, while you lean back and enjoy life and watch the seasons pass by. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter.

That probably sums up how much I love this game. I dream of living a country side life everyday...

1. Pokemon

What else can it be? Obviously, it must be the world's most popular game created ever. It originates from Japan, the world's most brilliant country ever. Your life as a Pokemon trainer starts immediately as soon as you start the game. You'll find yourself immersed in the Pokemon journey, and soon, you'll find yourself being the limelight and saving the world from the evils like Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua. Simply said, you're the hero of this game. Everyone loves being the hero.

Finally done. *heave a huge sigh of relief*


소녀시대 4th Anniversary!
Friday, August 5, 2011 8:03 PM


4 years anniversary. Kid leader Taengoo. Shikshin Sooyoung. Ice queen Sica. Brighter than Jewel Tiffany. Maknae Seohyun. Dancing queen Hyoyen. Deer Yoona. Black pearl Yuri. Aeygo queen Sunny. From their debut in 2007 till now, 2011, four years have already passed. Time flies. From their fresh, adorable and pure image till the gorgeous-looking girls now. From suffering so much hardships till being so famous worldwide and even having SONES from all over the globe. Girls' Generation. 少女時代. 소녀시대. The power of 9 shining as brightly as ever. The girls who touched my heart and millions of others countless times. They never fail to put up a wonderful performance again and again. I feel the pride of being a SONE every time they dominate the stage.

Into the New World.

'ITNW' debut in 2007. They never got it easy, even though life was hard for them, they struggled through their beginning and soon enough, made a name for themselves. Tears fell from their face whenever they recall their family and made them realise how much they missed them. They were awkward with one another at first, and it was tough for them. Call it fate/destiny, they soon find themselves attached to one another.


When it was introduced, they got recognised and yes, everyone was doing the GEE dance while singing wildly along with it.


This song. It holds a special place in my heart even up till now. This was the song I kept listening to, shamelessly singing to (with all the wrong korean pronunciations) and the MV... I was continuously replaying it again and again because the first thought that flashed into my mind when I watched it was 'OHMYHEAVEN THIS IS BRILLIANT'. I think I first became a SONE at this time.

Run devil Run.

SNSD became the 'Black Soshi'. Everyone looks so smoking hot. You better run run run run~


How can I forget? Their bows. Their arrows. Trouble trouble trouble~ shoot shoot shoot~

Mr Taxi.

They just get better each time, don't they? Their dance. So powerful and swift. They are always so synchronized, and they NEVER EVER FAIL. Every time, it's just so amazing seeing them on stage. They are born to be stars.

Ahhh this goddess image of them, so gorgeous and angelic. Even though this year, they were so busy promoting their activities in Japan and it has been quite a while since their last 'HOOT' comeback, they are still as lovely as ever.

4 years. 4th anniversary. I wish to see more. 5th, 6th 7th... anniversary.

지금은 소녀시대! 앞으로도 소녀시대! 영원히 소녀시대!

Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation! From now on, it’s Girls’ Generation! Forever, Girls’ Generation!

소녀시대 화이팅! 사랑해! ♥


Jewel in my eyes.
Monday, August 1, 2011 4:23 PM

생일축하합니다, 티파니 (FANY FANY TIFFANY HWANG)! ♥

You're the one with one of the cutest eye-smile ever. When I first saw you, the first thought that entered my mind was: OMG YOU'RE SO 예뻐 (YEPPEO). You're the 3rd best vocalist in SNSD, and I remember during your ITNW days, you always start introducing yourself with 'Annyounghasehyo, this is SNSD's brighter than jewel Fany Fany Tiffany'. Please stay healthy always. 사랑해! (:

'Lady Marmalade' featuring TaeNy. (:

(p/s. Good news, I've actually learnt how to read a bit of Korean now woohoo~)

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