‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
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Friday, May 6, 2011 2:57 PM

Happy birthday dad!:))

See the title? Yeah, SNSD hwaiting! ♥ Today hasn't been a good day, but I feel happier now that i'm listening to SOSHI's songs. I love them a lot. :)

YAY IT'S FRIDAY FRIDAY! FUN FUN FUN~ Hahaha ignore me i'm being spastic here. This week is pretty much normal, except for the fact that yesterday was the start of MYEs. So far, we are done with Emaths, Chinese, English and Social Studies papers. When I was doing SS today, I could feel blisters forming on my hand. Wrote 6 full pages for it! I do hope i'll do well or naturally, I'll be disappointed. 'Expectations come with regrets.'

Accidentally bought a drink with rum and raisins in it! I could actually feel it burning in my throat gosh! I think I'm mad. What did I do? OH GOSH. No wonder the cashier was looking at me with such a queer expression. I should look carefully next time or it will be throwing money down the drain again. X.X

Bringing you Friday by Rebecca Black! :DDD No hating please thanks. XOXO.

And to cushion the above impact *coughcough*, bringing you another video but THIS TIME, IT'S AWESOME TTM. ☺

You chased after
the leaves
and forgot about
the tree
you see what
is getting away
but you forgot what
roots the ground
for you.

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