‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
moments like this
Saturday, May 14, 2011 7:31 AM

Was intending to update yesterday but blogger was down! Yesterday was officially the last day of MYE. Amaths was really difficult. T.T But after the paper, i came home, bathed and got dressed before going to West Mall with Wenxin, Yuanrong, Weibin and Weetiong. We went to eat KFC (YR's favourite) for lunch before going into the cinema to watch BEASTLY. I think it's pretty good but it's not that interesting though. Oh which reminds me, I watched Despicable Me again with Sis last Saturday night. It'ssososooosososocuteeee!♥

But Vanessa Hudgens is really pretty yeah. I'm beginning to like her more and more after 'that' incident a few years ago when they were shooting HSM3. Oh yeah, i feel kinda sad that she broke up with Zac Efron... NOOOO. ): They look good together. After the movie, we walked around looking for presents to buy. In the end, we went to JP, walked around then bought what we wanted.

Since exams are finally over, I should be happy but i don't really feel like it's over, get what I mean? It's a bit weird, tbh. *sigh*

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