‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
this could be anything.
Friday, March 18, 2011 1:35 PM

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Sis treated me to Crystal Jade for lunch today. :-D The noodles and Xiaolongbaos were great! I'm feeling so stuffed now. Life's been pretty good to me this week. Can't believe it's F R I D A Y now zomg. FUNFUNFUN!!!

Our new tv has arrived! That's only because the previous one was kinda spoilt, so dad bought a new one. The new one is huge and prettyaye! Some guy is going to come in later to mount it to the wall. *excited* and gosh, can't wait!

Been very active on tumblr for the past few days. ~ But that won't happen next week. School's starting again. I'm actually kind of depressed. ):

Omg the tv's done! OMG GOSHHH SO LOVELAY.

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