‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
is our secret safe tonight?
Saturday, March 12, 2011 1:04 PM

Finally back from camp!:]

Too bad i don't have all the candid shots we took now because i just come home. Shall update a new post with the photos soon, k? :)

Yesterday, we had knots and lashing first, followed by tent-pitching, campfire, foot drills and then ball game. It was super fun during the campfire. ME, PUIYEE & JASMINE were like super high. ^^ When we were singing all those standard campfire songs, we sang it in high and low voices. Kehehe. The other sec 3s were awesome too. Tent-pitching was kinda boring and tedious. I'm kinda worried because if the sec 4s had to leave like soon, then what would happen to us? I mean we will be taking over, so it's expected that we know all the skills. Actually, we don't. *sigh* Guess that means that we need more practice then...

Foot drills was from 9pm to 11pm. CRAZY RIGHT? But actually not, cos' there were other CCA groups like NCC, SJAB & NPCC all doing their drills too. Yep yep. I heard that NPCC didn't even sleep for the whole day. Well, lucky for us. We slept for about 2 hours plus. ^^ Still, i'm exhausted. Ball game was from about 12 plus-1 plus am. We, sec 3s, played against the sec 4s and even though we lost, but Clarice rocks! Hahaha she was the one who scored all of our goals. Our only hope. LOL

So yesterday was the first time when we all slept in the 8-man tent. Us, sec 3s. It was super cool. We slept at like about 2am plus.

Woke up today and helped to clear the campfire pit, then breakfast, foot drills for 2 hours, strike the tent and dismissed at about 12pm. :D

I love NHGG!♥♥♥ I think that we totally did our best this time even though i'm pretty sure there are still certain areas that we can always improve on. Nevertheless, i would like to applaud all of us for the efforts that we all put in. ^^

I don't know why I feel a sense of distaste towards you all of a sudden. I know i probably shouldn't. You were trying hard. I can see that. But perhaps too hard, that you start to neglect things. You know, i really hate pretentious people. I hate people think that they can do things very well by themselves when they can't. Do you really think that you are so godly? So angelic as to whatever you told us to do, you can do that wonderfully on your part? PLEASE MAN. Don't make me puke. You know how much i hate this kind of people. I TOLD YOU THAT ALL THE TIME. And now what? You're turning into one of them. Hah. That's seriously ironical. It really hurts because I don't even know how to look at you with that sincere smile of mine anymore. Even when 11:11 arrived today, I couldn't wish for anything. Because, i don't even think that i would wish for you to stay and stop changing. Well, i'm done with it, alright? I can't care anymore for whatever you're being. I just hope that, it wouldn't be like the previous time, when we just suddenly stopped speaking for 6 months.

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