‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
"do they collide?"
Saturday, March 26, 2011 8:58 AM

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Hi it has been a week, huh? So many things happened over this week, some of which are quite unexpected.

Monday →
OSIM. Which also stands for OH SHIT IT'S MONDAY. Yep yep. The first day of a new term. Everything's still pretty much the same. Not a lot has changed and that made my heart at peace. Oh yeah, ran 2.4km that day. My timing was much worse than the trial one when I ran like a few weeks ago. NUUUU. ): I hope I don't have to re-run again.

Tuesday →

Wednesday →
This is one of the most epic day hahaha. So after school, I went home with Zihui, Weibin, Wenxin and Aiktek. Weibin said he wanted to treat us to celebrate his awesome math results. *coughcough* Therefore, we went to Subway @ Lot 1. He had actually wanted to treat us to meals since he had about 40 dollars, but we were kind souls and we just ordered the meatball sandwiches while he bought a meal. ^^ Then Wenxin wanted to drink his drink and after drinking it, she spilled the drink all over the table and floor. OMG WEXIN YOU SPOILED A PERFECTLY WONDERFUL OCCASION. Hahahah jkjk. The janitor came and cleaned up the mess while we continued enjoying eating. After the meal, Zihui wanted to go toliet so I went with Wenxin to buy Cranberry Yogurt Float @ Yoghurt Place. I felt like I got scammed because the person don't even know how to make it! She asked if I wanted a cover and I said yes and the yogurt on top of the float was kinda out of place, so she squeezed it into the cover. It became sort of disgusting and ugly afterwards. DAMN SHIT. 3.30 bucks gone with the wind just like that. What a pity. ):

Thursday →
Woke up early with rest of my fellow Girl Guiders for foot drills. I think we gotta do this every Thursday until Speech Day is over. Good luck to all the contingent people, including my girlfriend, Clarice, my lovely bitch, ZHLZH and my darling Peishan! Do us proud, kk? ♥

Friday →
Which is also yesterday! Lessons were boring, as usual. But GG was awesome! Because we had mostly fun and less of foot drills yesterday! YeeWai, Jasmine and I were in the same group when we were playing games for the module. I loveeee singing with Yeewai and talking to Jasmine about K-dramas! ^^ Anyway, I was put in charge of Speech day reception with my awesome junior, YipZao! Woohoo. Went home with Zihui and we talked really deep stuffs yesterday. I hope everything will be alright. TWGB. Don't worry.

By the way, Changlyn, Limin and me were put as leaders for the Biology project! ): I wanted to join Changlyn's group actually and I had actually begged the teacher for it but she refused, saying that I should help my own group. UGH. So Yiying joined my group and we even asked some guys to join. Hahaha. In the end, the guys joined. Hope we'll do well anyway! Recently talked with K about friends stuff. Yeah, life's sad. But we gotta accept it anyway, sometimes.

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