‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
burning through my skin
Wednesday, March 9, 2011 5:59 PM

HELLO there's annual road run today. So we went to east coast park and I was late because yr, wx, me got scammed by some people. Anyway, saw YZ on the way and we waited soooo long at the taxi stand before it actually arrived. Sigh. I was really angry with her. Not just me, but us too. Anyway, I feel blessed because we managed to reach there before the 3.6km run. & we didn't run at all! We just walked and strolled all the way through the race. Me, Weiting, Zihui and Changlyn. :) Plus we even do epic things like trying to fall down so that Jaryl, who's doing sjab duty, will come save us. That's hilarious, hell yeah, just admit it.

However, me and Zihui had to do GG duty too. So we couldn't stay for long for the class pinic and inter-class competitions. The sun was totally hot on our skin. It felt as though we were burning, hard. Awww and I'm suffering from a sunburn now. :/

After the event was over, we parted ways and I met up with Eunice, Yijun, Kaixin and Jolene because we were going to watch movie! After much consideration, we chose to go to Causeway Point because Gnomeo and Juliet was showing at 3pm. Anyway, we had to rush through our meal and run like hell but we were still a bit late before we settled down. The movie was sweet but a little childish. It was also very cold in the threatres. Took the train and went home with the rest. :)

Preparing for yet another camp on Friday. It's a 2D1N camp. Girl guides!:) Kehehe awww but there's will intensive foot drills training throughout the camp... I'm so depressed. :( Have to reach school but 7am tomorrow for drills too even though it's a late day for all tomorrow. Hmph. Currently watching toradora. I love Ryuga! <3 Shall update more about it and some other stuffs on Sunday when I'm bak from camp. Miss me k? :)

happy birthday Kim taeyeon! ♡
I love you! Stay dorky as the kid-like leader and united with SNSD forever! SoNyuhShiDae HWAITING! ;)

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