‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
I don't know why
Tuesday, March 29, 2011 8:39 PM

CN Blue's new album 'First Step' is so darn awesome!

Hahah hi anyway. This is gonna be a short and dull post since I'm using my iPod touch to update! You've been warned. Anyway, will be replying some of the tags during the weekends because I simply have no time to access the computer nowadays! :( However, I'll still try my best and make do with my itouch but sometimes the pages just load so slow that I will just lose all my patience and immediately close the page. Sorry. :/ I'm posting today only because Yuanrong asked me to! ^^ Continue clicking on my nuffnang, sweeties. You'll be blessed for the rest of your lives. No kidding! :D

Realized so many truths recently. I don't like two-sided bitches, just sayin'. All you do is act and give fake smiles. Continue doing that and see if anyone can look through your disguise. I know from the start you aren't that kind of nice girl you always show. Your eyes betrayed you all.

Btw, I got so many positive comments about that angry bird plush toys! Hahaha thanks much but credits still go to my Sis. :)



What do you think it would feel like to be someone else?
Sunday, March 27, 2011 7:22 AM

Look at what my sis bought! A large Red Angry Birds Plush and a small one! Tsktsk I'm jealous. ):

So yesterday we went out again and I bought books! I officially own all the 5 books in The Twilight Saga now! ^^ Hell yeah! Plus I bought 'Salem Falls' by Jodi Picoult too. After walking around, we had Mos for lunch. One thing I want to point out is that all the Japanese Restaurants that we passed by are kind of empty! Why? I think if the food could be imported to Singapore, it must mean that they are safe for consumption, no? :O Anyway, haven't really have the time to check out CN Blue new comeback! Doing so now. :) Anyway, the above images are taken with sis's DSLR. Thanks sis!

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Recently started to love Macarons! How can they be so gorgeous and lovely yet taste wonderful at the same time? ♥

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"do they collide?"
Saturday, March 26, 2011 8:58 AM

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Hi it has been a week, huh? So many things happened over this week, some of which are quite unexpected.

Monday →
OSIM. Which also stands for OH SHIT IT'S MONDAY. Yep yep. The first day of a new term. Everything's still pretty much the same. Not a lot has changed and that made my heart at peace. Oh yeah, ran 2.4km that day. My timing was much worse than the trial one when I ran like a few weeks ago. NUUUU. ): I hope I don't have to re-run again.

Tuesday →

Wednesday →
This is one of the most epic day hahaha. So after school, I went home with Zihui, Weibin, Wenxin and Aiktek. Weibin said he wanted to treat us to celebrate his awesome math results. *coughcough* Therefore, we went to Subway @ Lot 1. He had actually wanted to treat us to meals since he had about 40 dollars, but we were kind souls and we just ordered the meatball sandwiches while he bought a meal. ^^ Then Wenxin wanted to drink his drink and after drinking it, she spilled the drink all over the table and floor. OMG WEXIN YOU SPOILED A PERFECTLY WONDERFUL OCCASION. Hahahah jkjk. The janitor came and cleaned up the mess while we continued enjoying eating. After the meal, Zihui wanted to go toliet so I went with Wenxin to buy Cranberry Yogurt Float @ Yoghurt Place. I felt like I got scammed because the person don't even know how to make it! She asked if I wanted a cover and I said yes and the yogurt on top of the float was kinda out of place, so she squeezed it into the cover. It became sort of disgusting and ugly afterwards. DAMN SHIT. 3.30 bucks gone with the wind just like that. What a pity. ):

Thursday →
Woke up early with rest of my fellow Girl Guiders for foot drills. I think we gotta do this every Thursday until Speech Day is over. Good luck to all the contingent people, including my girlfriend, Clarice, my lovely bitch, ZHLZH and my darling Peishan! Do us proud, kk? ♥

Friday →
Which is also yesterday! Lessons were boring, as usual. But GG was awesome! Because we had mostly fun and less of foot drills yesterday! YeeWai, Jasmine and I were in the same group when we were playing games for the module. I loveeee singing with Yeewai and talking to Jasmine about K-dramas! ^^ Anyway, I was put in charge of Speech day reception with my awesome junior, YipZao! Woohoo. Went home with Zihui and we talked really deep stuffs yesterday. I hope everything will be alright. TWGB. Don't worry.

By the way, Changlyn, Limin and me were put as leaders for the Biology project! ): I wanted to join Changlyn's group actually and I had actually begged the teacher for it but she refused, saying that I should help my own group. UGH. So Yiying joined my group and we even asked some guys to join. Hahaha. In the end, the guys joined. Hope we'll do well anyway! Recently talked with K about friends stuff. Yeah, life's sad. But we gotta accept it anyway, sometimes.

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you're just as sane as I am.
Sunday, March 20, 2011 8:32 AM

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Geesh school's starting tomorrow. Man this holidays doesn't really seems like a holiday at all. There's are a whole loads of homework and I still had to return to school for extra activities. To be fair, I did had fun and I think I'm pretty much refreshed now. I feel happier and blissful now that I've been having fun and going out these days. In truth, I love staying at home though I'm certainly not an introvert. It's just that, something life can get so tiring I wish I could just give it up. How I wish everything can go smoothly in life. Obviously I know that can't happen, thus I'm already kind of resigned to fate. Putting this aside, I miss all my friends a hell lot! I can't wait to get crazy with them and everything else! It's a blessing to have people whom you can count on, you know? It makes handling with life easier and less painful. Sometimes, I really can't imagine myself being that kind of introvert. You know, that kind of people who will always sit by the side when the whole group of people are hanging out? Yeah, I'm glad.

Still pretty much loving my tumblr! Do support kk? ^^ candlelightdreams.


Saturday, March 19, 2011 7:23 AM

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HIHIHI just posting to say that I reached 400 followers on tumblr! OMG that's really really honourable. Thanks for all following me!


Anyway, edited my tumblr layout with a fresh new look! I'm kinda satisfied with it. Oh and I pretty much figured out most of tumblr codes, so I guess you guys can expect tumblr themes from me in future! :) Blogger themes are getting kinda boring for you, ya' know...


this could be anything.
Friday, March 18, 2011 1:35 PM

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Sis treated me to Crystal Jade for lunch today. :-D The noodles and Xiaolongbaos were great! I'm feeling so stuffed now. Life's been pretty good to me this week. Can't believe it's F R I D A Y now zomg. FUNFUNFUN!!!

Our new tv has arrived! That's only because the previous one was kinda spoilt, so dad bought a new one. The new one is huge and prettyaye! Some guy is going to come in later to mount it to the wall. *excited* and gosh, can't wait!

Been very active on tumblr for the past few days. ~ But that won't happen next week. School's starting again. I'm actually kind of depressed. ):

Omg the tv's done! OMG GOSHHH SO LOVELAY.

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I could get lost in a voice like yours.
Thursday, March 17, 2011 10:21 PM

Went out today to Bugis again. This time, I spent quite a fair bit again. I bought the yellow hoodie which I mentioned yesterday, a pair of Bermudas and a jumpsuit. ^^ This is crazy lmao. I've been spending so much within these few days. And I discovered a Korea Wholesale store too which sells only Korea products! Extremely eggcited man! So can't help but spend some part of my moolah there too. :P My legs are aching now because we walked and walked and shopped and shopped non-stop.But I'm feeling really blissful and happy these days. I no longer feel sad/insignificant/or whutever shit. How I wish I could stay forever like this. Because only by being this way will I truly forget how to even cry. Crying really sucks. Like seriously.

Last night, I didn't know what to do. So I practically camped @ tumblr and constantly reblogging posts. Looked through my followers list and I saw tumblr-famous people following me! I'm really overjoyed and honoured. GOSH I wanna be tumblr-famous too.~

Saw a pretty cute guy with light golden-yellow hair today who reminds me of HONGKI gosh. Can't help but stare *___* How can he be so gorgeous &^$%&^%!@~@~! Eek I'm hyperventilating.

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all we have is now
Wednesday, March 16, 2011 8:10 PM

I've been making frequent updates frequently because it's the March Holidays! :) But I suspect after my 1 week break is over, I won't be able to find time to be so active online again.

Anyway, went out with mum to Bugis today! Shopped around BHG, Illuma and Bugis Street. I spent quite a lot today. Bought 3 shirts which I think are really adorable. ^^ I wanted to buy that yellow hoodie too, actually. But I guess i have to watch my expenditures. & bought shirts for my brother too because he's going to be studying in NA Poly soon. He needs new clothes hahaha! XD

These tshirt designs are really kawaii! I can't resist hahahah. Yep, as expected, I dropped by Muji again to buy some pens. :)

Feeling kinda blissful now. Though i've been working hard on completing my homework. ~ K shall end it here. Bye <3

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'Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy'-anne frank
Tuesday, March 15, 2011 11:56 AM

Just came home from a shopping spree with my mum and for lunch. Had Jap food, walked around and I bought 소녀시대 & 샤이니 keychains from Comics connection! SNSD & SHINee hwaiting yay! Luckily, my mum didn't complain or anything. So i guess, it's time to get the poster which i've been eying for quite some time now? ^^ Bought Strawberry Yogurt Shake @ Yogurt place just now too. Feeling very full and satisfied now. :)

Some books which i borrowed from the library quite some time ago~: The host by Stephenie Meyer, Paulo Coelho's books and For one more day by Mitch albom. Finished 'The host' and 'Veronika decides to die'. Both books are extremely nice. Spazzed over them for a period of time. 'The host' is awesome because it's about aliens and a little about sci-fi! 'Veronika decides to die' is extremely touching. Almost teared over it.

Ending this post with Someday by IU, performed during dreamhigh special concert. :) This song is really melodious and IU's voice is simply, angelic.

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We are the makers of music and the dreamers of dream. -willy wonka
Monday, March 14, 2011 3:25 PM

Nichkhun says: "I can make mistakes, I’m a human, too. I’m not an angel. I’m a devil."
This is totally so true.

Yesterday, my relatives came to my house for a visit. My dagu and tanggu lol. That's because my tanggu is going to get married pretty soon, so she brought some wedding cakes and is inviting us to her wedding in the month of May. Congratulations to her. :)
Didn't do much productive things yesterday. But i finished watching Toradora already. I love RYUGA ♥♥♥!

Awwww ♥

So these are some really awesome screenshots from the anime itself. :)

The awesome and really touching scenes which i cried for and got teary at. T.T

Maths trail was pretty alright today. Spent the day with mostly YY, CY and WT. :) I think i should start on Dream High soon...

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is our secret safe tonight?
Saturday, March 12, 2011 1:04 PM

Finally back from camp!:]

Too bad i don't have all the candid shots we took now because i just come home. Shall update a new post with the photos soon, k? :)

Yesterday, we had knots and lashing first, followed by tent-pitching, campfire, foot drills and then ball game. It was super fun during the campfire. ME, PUIYEE & JASMINE were like super high. ^^ When we were singing all those standard campfire songs, we sang it in high and low voices. Kehehe. The other sec 3s were awesome too. Tent-pitching was kinda boring and tedious. I'm kinda worried because if the sec 4s had to leave like soon, then what would happen to us? I mean we will be taking over, so it's expected that we know all the skills. Actually, we don't. *sigh* Guess that means that we need more practice then...

Foot drills was from 9pm to 11pm. CRAZY RIGHT? But actually not, cos' there were other CCA groups like NCC, SJAB & NPCC all doing their drills too. Yep yep. I heard that NPCC didn't even sleep for the whole day. Well, lucky for us. We slept for about 2 hours plus. ^^ Still, i'm exhausted. Ball game was from about 12 plus-1 plus am. We, sec 3s, played against the sec 4s and even though we lost, but Clarice rocks! Hahaha she was the one who scored all of our goals. Our only hope. LOL

So yesterday was the first time when we all slept in the 8-man tent. Us, sec 3s. It was super cool. We slept at like about 2am plus.

Woke up today and helped to clear the campfire pit, then breakfast, foot drills for 2 hours, strike the tent and dismissed at about 12pm. :D

I love NHGG!♥♥♥ I think that we totally did our best this time even though i'm pretty sure there are still certain areas that we can always improve on. Nevertheless, i would like to applaud all of us for the efforts that we all put in. ^^

I don't know why I feel a sense of distaste towards you all of a sudden. I know i probably shouldn't. You were trying hard. I can see that. But perhaps too hard, that you start to neglect things. You know, i really hate pretentious people. I hate people think that they can do things very well by themselves when they can't. Do you really think that you are so godly? So angelic as to whatever you told us to do, you can do that wonderfully on your part? PLEASE MAN. Don't make me puke. You know how much i hate this kind of people. I TOLD YOU THAT ALL THE TIME. And now what? You're turning into one of them. Hah. That's seriously ironical. It really hurts because I don't even know how to look at you with that sincere smile of mine anymore. Even when 11:11 arrived today, I couldn't wish for anything. Because, i don't even think that i would wish for you to stay and stop changing. Well, i'm done with it, alright? I can't care anymore for whatever you're being. I just hope that, it wouldn't be like the previous time, when we just suddenly stopped speaking for 6 months.

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burning through my skin
Wednesday, March 9, 2011 5:59 PM

HELLO there's annual road run today. So we went to east coast park and I was late because yr, wx, me got scammed by some people. Anyway, saw YZ on the way and we waited soooo long at the taxi stand before it actually arrived. Sigh. I was really angry with her. Not just me, but us too. Anyway, I feel blessed because we managed to reach there before the 3.6km run. & we didn't run at all! We just walked and strolled all the way through the race. Me, Weiting, Zihui and Changlyn. :) Plus we even do epic things like trying to fall down so that Jaryl, who's doing sjab duty, will come save us. That's hilarious, hell yeah, just admit it.

However, me and Zihui had to do GG duty too. So we couldn't stay for long for the class pinic and inter-class competitions. The sun was totally hot on our skin. It felt as though we were burning, hard. Awww and I'm suffering from a sunburn now. :/

After the event was over, we parted ways and I met up with Eunice, Yijun, Kaixin and Jolene because we were going to watch movie! After much consideration, we chose to go to Causeway Point because Gnomeo and Juliet was showing at 3pm. Anyway, we had to rush through our meal and run like hell but we were still a bit late before we settled down. The movie was sweet but a little childish. It was also very cold in the threatres. Took the train and went home with the rest. :)

Preparing for yet another camp on Friday. It's a 2D1N camp. Girl guides!:) Kehehe awww but there's will intensive foot drills training throughout the camp... I'm so depressed. :( Have to reach school but 7am tomorrow for drills too even though it's a late day for all tomorrow. Hmph. Currently watching toradora. I love Ryuga! <3 Shall update more about it and some other stuffs on Sunday when I'm bak from camp. Miss me k? :)

happy birthday Kim taeyeon! ♡
I love you! Stay dorky as the kid-like leader and united with SNSD forever! SoNyuhShiDae HWAITING! ;)

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but i'm only half alive.
Sunday, March 6, 2011 7:50 AM


The xiaolongbaos at chinatown are delicious! :)

When people tell me what they're feeling, I'm always at a lost because i can't find any words to say.

So here are some random pictures which i took yesterday. Went to City hall yesterday at Funan Center for lunch, then walked to Clark Quay to buy stickys. I have 3 packets now waiting to be eaten. Cola Pillows, I LOVE YOU & Blueberry rocks! I love stickys hell yeah and it's really cool because you can see the guys making the candies. ^^ Too bad there are no more SHINee Stickys.My milktea with herbal jelly @ gongcha was awesome too. After that, we went to Chinatown and walked around. & I SAW HOTEL 81 lol lol. *see no evil* I'm so happy yesterday because it was prolly one of the best days in weeks. I haven't been able to feel this joy recently. :)

Spent my journey to and forth playing Taptap3 yesterday. I GOT MY FIRST 2 MILLION FOR LADY GAGA'S DANCE IN THE DARK REMIX! HELLYEAH. Click. And i've changed my avatar. ROFL. Click. I got Ke$ha's Tiktok and Your love is my drug ohhhh AWESUME

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