‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
Saturday, February 26, 2011 7:23 AM

On 21 february, Happy birthday VANESSA~.
On 23 february, Happy birthday ANGMOH changlyn~
On 25 february, Happy birthday LOH WT~

So we celebrated just yesterday and i made cards for them. Me, Yuanrong and Zihui bought the cake from Bengawan Solo. Yep it was really a good surprise and plan. We fooled everyone. Oh yay, and hope Changlyn will love the photoshopped picture of her and *ahem ahem*. She must be so impressed of my photoshop skills! Weiting said 'i love you' to Zihui and me! ♥ Vanessa should be happier by now already! :) Anyway, i was the photographer yesterday LOL. Brought my sis's red lumix camera to school. It was cool.~

Next week is Common Tests already! I feel not so motivated yet i have to study. Pathetic much? Oh well good luck to all! Anyway, next friday during GG, it's my, Jasmine and Clarice turn to take over for a day! WOOHOO~ <3 F I N A L L Y. Yesterday it was Sylvia, Jiayun and Yeewai's. :P Got our new guides teeshirt yesterday! AWESOME MUCH. I think i shall take pictures of it soon then post onto this blog kehehe. :P I sense a sore throat coming up oh damn. NUUUUUUUU. :(

I feel drained out. Cos' of the PT yesterday and PE yesterday. Plus foot drills sigh. Collapsed at 9pm yesterday and woke up quite early in the morning today.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011 7:45 AM

Can't believe there are so many likes for this. It's only rubbish, not the usual 'Like-my-status-thingy'. HOORAY NOW MY LIFE IS COMPLETE.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to the awesome girl guides:
It's okay if we get silver, really. We did so much and bonded so well. But it's okay. We'll get better. :) Let us all aim for Gold this year and work even harder!

So anyway, on Tuesday, a sec 2 guy posted this on his wall: What does GB do for economic defence? Sell cookies.

GB!? Damn it. We are G I R L G U I D E S. What a bastard. So we added him and scolded him. The funny thing is, other people from other cca groups scolded him too. Some are genuinely trying to stand up for us while others are doing that just for the mere fun of it. STFU okay, if anyone try to flame my cca, idgaf who you are, because i'll not rest till i get a sincere apology from you. Mark my words and test my limits if you dare.

Anyway, bought 2NE1's Go away and I don't Care track pack on Taptap Revenge 3! *delirious from happiness*


I'll catch a grenade for ya
Saturday, February 19, 2011 3:33 PM

Just came back from Thinking Day at Clementi Town Secondary School. I feel like GG has been demoted cause we used to have our celebration at the Singapore Indoor Stadium every year. What the hell is this man .___. Anyway, cried 3 times again today once on the bus, and the other 2 when in the hall when talking to ZH about what my mum said to me. She cried a bit too, because, it seems like her parents are being extremely hard on her too. Well I got so sick of crying. I cried for 1 hour in the toliet yesterday, without daring to make any noise. I feel so screwed up. :( & thinking about it in the morning today didn't make me feel any better. But thank you all GUIDERS who cheered me up today! Namely, Puiyee, YeeWai, Sylvia, KwanWei and Clarice. Also want to thank those people who cheered me up on twitter. :) Lastly, thanks ZH, for listening to me crap about my fucked up life even when hers isn't any better too. <3

Went to JP @ Pepper lunch just now with her for lunch. I ordered Salmon Rice and Green Tea ice-cream while she ordered Unagi Rice and chocolate and nuts ice-cream. My green tea ice-cream is a bit weird but I guess it's pretty alright... Accompanied her to buy **'s present and Popular before we went home. Came back home and drank GongCha, ate Mars, M&ms and Kitkat which my sis bought even though I was already very full. Hahaha. Earl grey milk tea!

Anyway, NHGG was awesome max today. We were the loudest in every single thing and we were self-highing all the time. XD <3


Why do you have to be so mean?
Friday, February 18, 2011 7:38 PM

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Awesome and epic day today!<3 *spam hearts* Got back my Higher Chinese test today. 38/50. Which is actually quite a good score since only 10 people got A and above and my class got a lot of PRCS and I scored A2!:D Oh and I got 19/25 for Biology and 20/25 for Chemistry. But I didn't do well for my SS and Physics so I really think that I have to buck up on these two subjects.

Just came back from GG. Super tired. Added to the fact that I ran 2.4km today with CL and we both got 14:39, which is well, awesome score since last year I only got like 15 min plus plus. :/ Did drills today to practise for GG day next Tuesday. Also did 80 pumpings at the end on everything. My hands are breaking. D:

Went home with CL, ZH and Yip Zao. K me and ZH were actually intending to ignore CL because she was taking her time. Then so she was walking behind us then she stopped walking and stayed at the front gate. K she looked like she was about to cry and we apologized to her and luckily, she didn't cry because we are too awesome. :D We walked and sang while I sang Taylor Swift songs and ZH changed the lyrics to 'angmoh I'm so sorry'. Hahaha ZH is the funniest thing I've ever seen! (as quoted by AT when ZH, Me and him were eating at Mac yesterday) Went there again with the 3 of them today. Ordered 2 large fries and a green tea which CL wanted. Chatted a bit before going home. I loved the idk-what-but-it-tastes-awesome drink yesterday! It costs about 4 bucks tho, pretty expensive.

Going for Thinking Day tomorrow at Singapore Indoor stadium. It's gonna be boring, like the same every year. Sigh I feel like studying and doing homework at home.

My mood is so spoilt. I feel utterly pathetic. I should stop crying because so what if I'm a burden to her? Gdi I must accept the fact. Fine, I'm stupid. I hope I die soon. So shut up and keep those hurtful words to yourself.


Will you be my Valentine?
Tuesday, February 15, 2011 4:51 PM

Happy belated Valentines Day, everyone! Actually planned to post yesterday but because I had rehearsal for GG and I was flooded with homework, I couldn't. :/ Really happy because I received so manymanymany cards, chocolates and sweets! <3 Thank you darlings, love ya guys! :)

I did gave out my cards too and everyone was discriminating against me saying that my card is black! :( Ugh I thought it's the thought that counts? K I bet they were having a great time suan-ing me yesterday! I'm always the innocent party *sigh*

So today was the actual performance! Left about 40 minutes before assembly, which was also the last period. It was so exciting I swear! Anyway, ours was the 4th performance and our theme was Economic Defence. Everyoe did a perfectly good job! GGR WHOOSH!!!. By the way, today is total defence day, that's why all uniform groups have to perform. I think we were awesome! Anyway, heard from my friends that my voice was very distinct even though I was at backstage! :) *spam smiles*

Went home with the rest again today! Thanks WX for the card! Hahah okay yours is nice but mine is more awesome XD

Anyway WB texted me yesterday saying that he'll always be with 202 and that I should stay awesome forever! That totally made my day! Thanks laopa! <3 Also want to thank PL for the card and hope you like my present! PLUS happy birthday in advance! Stay 16 forever! Hahaha JKJK. Grow up and find you white horse prince soon!

Once again, thank you to ZH for your essay, Vanessa, Changlyn, Jialin, Clarice, Limin, Jerlyn, Geraldine, Yip zao for the cards and chocolates and sweets! Kehehe thank you love ya~ :D


Happy birthday Bro!
Sunday, February 13, 2011 8:29 AM

Happy Birthday bro! ♥ Hope you'll be happy forever!

Anyway, rushed my homework yesterday for the whole day even though i did go out in the afternoon to buy some things *hinthint* and a stack of black construction papers. Also bought Salmon Don from Omi Sushi for dinner. I don't like it... it tastes horrible because there are lots of greens inside it. :/ Oh yeah, the construction papers which i bought are for making Valentines Day cards!

So here's your chance to admire my ahem... *lovely* handwriting. (: Valentines Day is tomorrow, so everyone's making cards, even for friends, as a token of appreciation. Anyway, there's Geography test tomorrow! On map scale! I haven't had a chance to revise yet. Anyway, i think there's Physics test too. So sad. ): I don't really understand the chapter on Kinematics. This is bad... Oh yeah, AMaths is freaking tough too. I spent so many freaking hours on my assignment yesterday and even left some blanks. :/ So i guess i'll spend my day today mugging away... *cries*

Currently addicted to P!nk - f*cking perfect, PS(I'm still not over you), Coming home. It's really great that i'm loving English songs all over again. :)

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PS (I'm still not over you)
Saturday, February 12, 2011 7:12 AM

"When a boy teases you, it means he likes you." yeah, my ass.

I had been really busy this week, since i had biology, maths and chinese tests all in this week. Plus woohoo Girl Guides is preparing for the Total Defence skit to perform during assembly for the whole school during Tuesday. Thus, i had to stay back on many occassions. *sigh* But GGR! GIRL GUIDES ROCK.

"This is to everyone who thinks guides are losers/slackers/cookie sellers. LOOK CAREFULLY. we arent, N O T. hear us shout with bursting enthusiasm!" - ZHLZH.

Hell yeah, i totally agree. We will make GG better. T H E P O W E R W I T H I N.

Onew, Key and Minho!!! *spam hearts* ♥

Aren't you just... adorable? :))

Jinwoon, what are you doing, my dear? :P

2min. Awwww♥

ZOMG Nichkhun~~~ ♥

Kwonnie ah, you're so awesome XD

Yep i'm so biased. Look at these cuties. These are the screenshots which I took on my ipod. Hooray for MBC idol athletics Championship!

Anyway, got a shock when i see this! Why is it suddenly so high? :O


Happy birthday Choi Soo Young!^^
Thursday, February 10, 2011 4:30 PM


Sones love you, forever. Take care, our beloved Shikshin. Thanks for making me love SNSD! You were my very first bias even though I have manymanymany biases now. I LOVE YOU. Keep smiling and hope you'll be married by the age of 24 hahah. Stay beautiful/pretty/funny/dorky and everything wonderful. I swear I will love SNSD forever. Saranghae. HWAITING!:))

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Complete silence hurts more than angry words.
Sunday, February 6, 2011 8:41 AM

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Finished my homework yesterday in the morning and spent the evening studying for biology and maths test yesterday. Cleared some of my blog labels which only have a few posts in them. So now a lot of my posts are labelled 'random' lmao. Played decoding game at night with ZH and V hahaha. I decoded all of ZH's messages within the first try while ZH needed a lot of hints for mine and V barely has a clue about what we were doing. :P For eg, decode: IRFMY. Another one: YKIHYB. Another one: YASABBBISLY. Next one: TWGB. Lastly: IMHWUTB. :) It kills your brain cells thinking about them. Plus, i'm good at it because i think in depth.

( via tumblr )

Oh yay that's MINHO~ Okay off to watch MBC Idol athletic championship alr~ Bye :P

Look at this man! Onew Sangtae! Flaming Minho! And LUNA~~~♥

Oh and Kkab kwon + Nichkhun + Dongho are loved!


Sometimes, i feel unimportant.
Saturday, February 5, 2011 7:33 AM

Went out with PL yesterday hehe. She was late, again. .___. I spent almost 1 and a half hour waiting for her. Anyway, not many shops were opened so we just walked aimlessly around after eating Mos Burger. I drank the Vailla Milkshake and she said it was disgusting but i just feel that it's too creamy. In the end, i brought her to the arcade because i really wanted to look around lol. And we end up 'koping' the neoprints station and this is what we did hahaha XD :

So i really wanted to get the big big bear which i always see on tumblr. But it's not easy because you have to put in 1 dollar for every try and PL says it's kinda cheat money de machine. Ugh, seriously, they are tempting me. I feel like crying already. ):

Heard that Luna cried because during a recording competition, Luna was critisized harshly by the judge and she burst into tears. Chills, girl, chills. :)

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A sword that cuts everything
Friday, February 4, 2011 9:22 AM

Hello. Today's the second day of CNY. How's the first? (: When i was visiting yesterday, the whole day i was playing Plants Vs Zombies. Completed all the adventure part. It's super fun! No more eating brains, sincerely the zombies.

So anyway, went home and rush animes!~ Kaichou Wa maid-Sama! Usui and Misaki finally got together. I'm so happy for them. (: Vampire Knight! Here's the thing, i'm fxcking heartbroken man. OMG I can't believe can't believe that Kaname betrayed yuuki. I thought he loves her WTF. Now I think Zero and Yuuki are going to be together :( KANAME freaking killed me with a straight cut through my heart. Hell why oh why. i love him damn it. :( WHY?

Yeah i know this is dumb and i look dumb too. Oh hell whutever :P

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Thursday, February 3, 2011 7:48 AM

Happy birthday CHO KYUHYUN! Yesterday was Victoria's birthday too! #VictoriaDay and i love you and KHUNTORIA, FOREVER.

So anyway Happy chinese New year love ya. Shall post pictures on my ICHIBAN SUSHI date with sis! Thanks for treating me yeah! ♥



Oh yeah went with the awesome 202 for class outing yesterday! We bought YuSheng at Swensons and lao Yusheng at the food court. It was epic yet very heartwarming. I love 202 man. We have an epic video when we were lao-ing the Yusheng lol but i can't share since it's on fb :P

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