‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
It's Girls Generation!
Friday, December 31, 2010 8:27 AM

KBS Music Festival 2010

LOL sorry for the spam (yesterday and today). There will be more tomorrow because there's KHUNTORIA'S SPECIAL STAGE woohoo.

Oh anyway, i'm almost recovered. Thanks everyone for your concern! Love ya! Though i kinda lose my appetite and can't eat normally. Anyway, Happy New Year's EVE everyone!

And yay a new skin!

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SBS Gayo Daejun
Thursday, December 30, 2010 8:41 AM

Yes, missed it. But here are some really superb performaces. Kehehe

Awww so cute *___*

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010 4:58 PM

Annyeong. It's the third day since I've been sick already. Or maybe if you count Sunday's night as one, then it's four. But actually I'm kinda happy today because I can move freely without some stupid headache or body ache restricting my movements. Plus I'm proud of myself because I did not sleep even for a wink today. Instead, I just lazed around and walked around and watched tv and eat and yeah...you prolly get my point now. And the biggest saddest thing about being sick is that you gotta eat some really disgusting food. Which is, plain bread. And you gotta drink lots of water. I hate this part, to the core. Water tastes exceptionally bitter when you are sick you know. Like as though you are taking your bloody medicine. Plus medicine and water and bread goes hand-in-hand. Imagine having that meal all day long and I'll bet you don't even feel like eating anymore. Which is exactly why, I asked my mum to buy mashed potatoes and cereal for me! ^^ I googled it! What I should and should not eat. Ugh what a bore. I have actually wanted to go out and maybe study for a bit but this sickness hit me. Never mind, I shall take it as rest days. Except that it's getting too long. Okay bye, shall eat my grapes and later, medicine now. ~ :(


can't think of a title because my head really hurts
Tuesday, December 28, 2010 8:49 AM

I'm sick. Yesterday i was feeling feverish and i had a violent headache plus my whole body felt weak. The previous night i vomited twice. Went to visit the doctor and he said it's virus infection. So i ended up sleeping for almost the whole day yesterday. Today i'm feeling better now. But still, because i barely ate yesterday, so i think i gotta eat more today or i'll be weak today too. I didn't use the com yesterday too because even walking yesterday was quite of a chore to me.

Hope i get better soon.

anyway, i got 302 followers on tumblr now~ *happy*

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Feliz Navidad
Sunday, December 26, 2010 8:25 AM

Music core christmas special was yesterday and i missed it. Awww. SNSD/T-ara/CN blue/SHINee + 2am...

I love their lives. There's 4minute too but somehow, their live sounds weird. Like they are shouting instead of singing. :X I like them tho. :/


Merry Christmas!
Saturday, December 25, 2010 8:51 AM

( Sources: 1 2 3 4 )

Yeah lovelays, i'm happy because it's Christmas! Woohoo i love my logcake + apple crumble pie + pasta + chocolates yesterday! Spent the night watching Bedtime stories. I love movies~

Merry merry Christmas everyone! ♡

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we are all in a love-hate relationship, baby.
Friday, December 24, 2010 8:33 AM

Watched Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs + Diary of a wimpy kid + My sister's keeper yesterday. Diary of a wimpy kid is supa funny. It made me laugh. My sister's keeper...i cried over it. It's really sad. But the movie is a little different from the book though. Still, i cried. I'm getting more emotional. I used to cry over animes and now kdramas and now k-variety shows and now even movies. *Sigh*.

Watched School of the rock with SHINee the day before yesteday. It's really infuriating to see the girls of a certain high school acting so disgraceful towards SHINee. I mean, excuse me, high school or not, you girls are still kids. No sluts. Get it? But still, it's funny to see how the SHINee members reject them. :3

Bought my Red Zinc Bag yesterday. Loving it because i was the one who chose it. Anyway, it's Christmas eve today. Going Vivo later.

Hope you guys have a blessed Christmas!

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Snowy wish
Thursday, December 23, 2010 7:19 PM

I'm posting again! Yeah. I can't resist. SNSD's Snowy Wish Mv just came out. AWWW. Never mind let's do a video spam.



Mnet countdown just now. 3 B2st performances with their new duet songs. I'm loving the songs.~

Anyway, there's GTOP's performances just now too. Park Bom's inside too. She's my fav from 2NE1.

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keep calm and grow a mustache
8:30 AM

Watched 'Up' and 'Despicable Me' yesterday.I really love animation movies. They are DAEBAK. Hahahha.

Anyway, i've finished my English Compo! Spent the night watching the adam couple on WGM while chatting with nicole about stuffs. I think i talked the most yesterday because i miss those heart-to-heart convos. Still, thanks! (: I also talked to ZH about the beach. Hehe. I miss making sandcastles. I miss the sea waves. I miss the beach. But most of all, i miss those days. I remember how we used to bury ourselves underneath the sand, then dipping ourselves into the pool and soaking in the bathtub for a long time afterwards. It was really fun, @ malacca.

My twitter has been getting random followers but i know they will unfollow soon enough anyway.


tread on your dreams.
Wednesday, December 22, 2010 8:36 AM

I've finished YongSeo and Khuntoria WGM up to the lastest episodes. I even started adam couple till episode 5. OMG LOOK at that awesome video. KHUNTORIA FIGHTING! Anyway, Yongseo couple is going to compose a song and perform a duet together. GOSH can't wait! *cross fingers*. The adam couple is utterly hilarious. Their first meeting was epic because they know each other already. But GaIn and Jokwon... hahahah XD

Awww Yongeun from Hello Baby. How are you doing? :3

By the way, I cut my hair yesterday and my bangs became side fringe. But I shouldn't ask the hairdresser to thin it because it looks kinda horrible now! UGH )): And i just realised from CL and ZH the day before yesterday that i've still have English homework undone. I did eng compre alr, there's still compo. I need inspiration. ~


Day 30- Who are you?
Tuesday, December 21, 2010 8:25 AM

Who am I? I am hu. That's the title of a book which i've forgotten written by who. This is the question that i've been asking myself since a long time ago and i've never arrived at my answer. So yeah, ugh whatever. YAY finally completed this stupid quiz thing. :>

Went out yesterday and bought 3 different kinds of chocolates: Ferrero, Van Hounten and Cadbury. I especially love the Ferrero one because the chocolates contain dark chocolate, which is also my type. Since it's Christmas, therefore it's a must to eat chocolates RAWR. Hahhaha.

Watched Love In A Cab with my sis yesterday night. Yep, the lead actress is Joanne Peh. It's really funny. I love the ending most. 'Love is like a cab. Sometimes it wait for you, sometimes you wait for it. As long as you wait, it will come.' Isn't that sweet?

The weather has become colder these days, perhaps due to some other parts of the world experiencing winter now. I really envy them because i want to feel and touch the snow. IWANTIWANTIWANT. ): But i do hope that my body clock adjust back to normal because i've been waking up at an hour or later than my usual time. If this continues, i'll be so screwed when school reopens.

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Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned
Monday, December 20, 2010 8:26 AM

( via flickr )

What do you think i've learnt?

(via fuckyeahpopmacros )

Kehehe. Yep. I learnt that. :)

Anyway, finished reading 'Slumdog Millionaire'. It's a great book. I almost cried when reading it.

SNSD always make me smile. :)

Kehehe this always make me laugh. Jonghyun, we know you're pro. Hahahha.


JongHyun's jealous, hahaha. JONGKEY MOMENT.


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Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?
Sunday, December 19, 2010 10:12 AM

I refuse.

Anyway, i've been working hard on my new tumblr layout. YES, i changed my theme and edited it. Tumblr codes are really confusing. I prefer blogger. ): This time, it's all green. I don't know why, i'm starting to love green. Not those bright and dark ones though. I adore those shades which are neutral. So, are you interested? If you are, then come see!


(edited @ 6.00pm)

I'm starting to love the song 'Udon', by one of b2st member. Anyway, I love 'Cold Noodles' too by Jessica and some other guy whom I dont know. :3 No idea what to blog today but holidays are about to end soon I'm really scared. :(

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Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge
Saturday, December 18, 2010 2:43 PM

I don't exactly know why, either.

Went to school today for Guides. Met up with ZH at the MRT Station and yep, my bangs grew longer and now it looks like side fringe! Anyway, talked all the way to school. So all of us gotta packed hampers for some children. Then we wrapped the gifts while we chatted. PY, ZH, and me were talking about Tumblr. About you know, those kind of funny images based on Harry Potter etc. Then we did footdrills. UGH NO WAY MAN I HATE FOOTDRILLS. Nightmare. ): After that, we walked to the neighboring blocks to distribute the hampers. We were talking about Harry Potter and other movies like Narnia and Rapunzel. So i was telling PY, ZH, and the rest about how Harry got hit by Voldermort's elder wand and met Dumbledore in heaven (?) and came alive again and shot Voldermort down. Did i get the story wrong? Because they were laughing so hysterically i thought what's wrong? But it's true Harry revived again! LOL. Never mind. Some of the places we went were actually very creepy and dark. I hate it man. But oh well. There was even this dog who kept barking when we passed by the flat.

Dismissed at about 12.30pm, and I saw ZH's mum and sis! HAHA. Enjoy your Wild Wild Wet trip but it's raining now... LOL. Met with my sis, mum and aunt at JP. Had lunch and i bought a green tea doughnut for myself and a mango doughnut for my mum. :) (above) I LIKE THE MANGO ONE THOUGH.

P.S My Tumblr queue is finally working! HOORAY! *cries tears of joy*

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Day 26- What you think about your friends
Friday, December 17, 2010 8:13 AM

I have to say it, right? The truth is, they are really awesome. And i love them all. They make me smile/laugh/giggle/happy all the time. Once again, i love them.

Today there's Music Bank Special. Almost all of the popular groups will be attending. Can't wait! And my biased too. :3

▲ 2010 Hot Trends of the Korean Music Industry I. <“The Center of Hallyu! K-Pop of the World!“>

- SNSD (“Oh!” & “Hoot”)
- KARA (“Lupin” & “Jumping”)
- Super Junior (“BONAMANA”)

▲ Hot Trends of the Music Industry II. <”Duet Craze“>

- IU & Seulong (“Nagging”)
- Homme – Changmin & Lee Hyun (“I Was Able To Eat Well”)

▲ 2010 Hot Trends of the Music Industry III.

- After School & Rainbow & SISTAR & Girl’s Day & NS Yoon Ji

▲ 2010 Hot Trends of the Music Industry IV.

- ‘Music Bank Caramel’: SHINee & Beast & ZE:A

▲ 2010 Hot Trends of the Music Industry V.

- SG Wannabe & Super Junior & SHINee (“My Everything”)


▲ In addition to the above special stages, the following acts will also be seen:

- SISTAR (“Push Push” + “How Dare You”)
- Rainbow (“A” + “Mach”)
- miss A (“Bad Girl Good Girl” + “Breathe”)
- CNBLUE (“Love” + “I’m A Loner”)
- Son Dambi (“Queen” + “db Rider”)
- F.T. Island (“Love Love Love”)
- BEAST & 4minute (“Soom” + “Huh” + Dance Performance)
- T-ara & SECRET (“I Go Crazy Because Of You” + “Magic” + “Madonna” + “Yayaya”)
- SHINee (“Lucifer”)
- SG Wannabe (“Sunflower”)
- 2AM (“Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die” + “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls”>
- 2PM (“Without U” + “I’ll Be Back”)

Source: allkpop

Anyway SNSD is the Most Searched, Downloaded, and Watched Artists in 2010 yay! HERE.

(edited at 1.20pm)
OH RIGHT I FINISHED WATCHING YONGSEO PARTS TILL NOW. OHMYGAWD. How lovely. YongHwa composes a song for Seohyun and even said 'I love you'! Anyway Love Light was also written thinking about her. WOW WOW WOW. So i started watching Khuntoria and they hit off so quickly. + They match perfectly well. VICTORIA & NICHKHUN!

(edited at 6.18pm)
I got GUIDES tomorrow OMFG. I wanna escape from it, seriously. :( But i'm not going too. Since Cowy is coming too and i miss her a lot. I wanna talk to her so freaking much. Yeah. Gonna meet her tomorrow morning at 8 am. SNSD won music bank special! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I like 2AM too, but yeah, i'm biased. Anyway, all the performances just now were GREAT. I love C.N blue. I'm a Loner & Love. I love FT Island. Love Love Love. I love SHINee. Lucifer. I love SUJU. Bonamana. I love T-ara. YAYAYA. I love B2st. Breath. I love 4minute. HUH. I love Miss A. Bad Girl Good Girl. :) And i can't help but keep thinking when Yonghwa and Seohyun were performing, were they thinking about each other too? And Victoria, you were watching Nichkhun too, right?

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Day 25- What I would find in your bag
Thursday, December 16, 2010 8:39 AM

The usual things, like an umbrella, my handphone + my ipod touch. :P

Yesterday was the Melon Music Awards 2010. SNSD won the most again. *hearts*


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Day 24- A letter to your parents
Wednesday, December 15, 2010 8:25 AM

Dear parents, hi and bye.

LMAO i know that's lame but i really got nothing to say. Yeah. Anyway, I think most of you know that Hot Times MV is out already! Go watch! OH and SUJU has a new song! But it's for a drama OST i think. Anyway, it sounds nice! Here you go.

Currently watching We got Married, Yongseo couple cuts. It's so nice to see Seohyun and YongHwa together! I'm starting to love them lots LOL. :P

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Day 23- Something you crave for a lot + Happy Birthday ONEW~!
Tuesday, December 14, 2010 8:26 AM

Something i crave for, a lot? SHINee 2011 Calender! IWANTIWANTIWANT! So many awesome images of the members. Even the above (ONEW) picture is from there.


You never fail to make me laugh because of your clumsy and silly actions. You always touched me with your kind and caring nature. Congrats on winning the 2 awards on Golden Disk Awards. I bet you and Minho must be very happy as this is one of the greatest present that can be given to SHINee. :) SHINee HWAITING! #onewsangtaeday ~

Anyway, watched Idol Maknae Rebellion yesterday. But only episode 5, 12 & 13. Because there's SHINee. And you just gotta love Key. LOOK AT HOW HE DANCE. He's so awesomely talented! And i love Taemin's voice awww!

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Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else
Monday, December 13, 2010 9:50 AM

( via http://www.flickr.com/photos/47882415@N07/5225285190/ )


( via http://hatters.tumblr.com/post/2191387847 )

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SHINee Soompi Interview/ Melon Interview
Sunday, December 12, 2010 8:50 PM

(via seoulsky)

Q: What do you think or feel when you go to a country you have never been to before and see hundreds of excited fans gathered to see you?
Taemin: We’re just grateful for the fact that there are fans in countries we’ve never been to who know us and have an interest in us. By all means, I want to go to those countries and share a little more about us. If we have the opportunity to promote in those countries, I would really like to go.
Key: When there are a lot of fans waiting for us in a country that we’ve never been to, all I can think of is how amazing the internet is and how fast it is. I mean, when we release a music video [in Korea] it’s basically the same thing as releasing it worldwide. We love Youtube very much.

Q: What country or place do you especially want to visit?
Onew: Alaska. I want to go at least once.
Taemin: The North Pole.
Key: Europe.

Q:The number of international fans of K-pop is constantly growing. How does this affect your training, your songs, and your promotional activities?
Onew: The more support we get, the more we feel we have to work harder. We always want to show our fans better performances so we work hard to train and practice more.
Key: If there’s a country where there are especially a lot of people who love our music, I think it’s possible to make plans to do promotions there. Of course, our licensed albums are always available. But, for example, we go to Japan every so often after we finish promotions in Korea. [To do this] we study Japanese and things like that, which is definitely an influence that comes from the rise of international fans.

Q: SHINee is quite popular now amongst the K-pop groups in South East Asia and the United States. Do you notice any differences between your Korean fans and your international fans?
Minho: The way Korean fans cheer for us is a bit different because they can understand the lyrics. For international fans, because they don’t understand the lyrics, I think they cheer more for our performance aspects. We heard that many people learn the Korean language because they love Korean culture and Korean music, and through that, they try to understand our songs. We’re really amazed by this and the effort that international fans put into learning Korean to tell us that they love us.

Q: What was your favorite or most memorable music video to film?
Key: Our debut album music video. It was our first one and I was really nervous about it. It was cold. It was fun. It was dizzying. I was nervous. I was concerned about so many things. After that one, though, I thought, “Wow, music videos are nothing to worry about!”
Taemin: Lucifer. We shot the group dancing scenes for about 11 to 12 hours. It was difficult because we just kept on dancing - that’s why it sticks out more in my mind. Also, the set was fun to work with.
Onew: When we shot the Ring Ding Dong video, there was a scene shot in the water. The water wasn’t up to our heads or anything – it was just our up to our feet to give a splashing effect. During the shoot, we wore boots and so much water got into them that we couldn’t move our feet. (Key: That shoot was also very cold). And we shot on a set that was kind of like the top of a building, which was pretty fun.

Q: What is your favorite or must-sing song for karaoke?
Onew: I went a lot when I was younger, but since our debut, I haven’t really been. But before that, there’s a Korean song called “Let’s Race Horses” (“Mal Dal Lee Ja”) that’s really exciting. It’s a great song to set the atmosphere.
Taemin: When I went with my friends after our debut, they would always make me sing our own songs. They would make me sing the first verse of all of them.
Minho: When I go with my friends, I sing our songs a lot. But also, the most exciting song, the one song that I think I always have to sing, is Psy’s “Champion”. I think we always sing it because it is just so exciting.
Jonghyun: I went a lot when I was younger and I sang a lot of ballads. For example, songs by Buzz or S.G. Wannabe. I was a student then and their songs were really popular at that time.
Key: My must-sing songs are all the new K-pop songs. You know, all of the songs on the last page in the karaoke book. (Taemin: The new songs for November are already too old for him.) I can’t really remember old songs …

Q: What is your favorite song off of your albums?
Taemin: I think the song that all of us really love is “Replay”. It was our debut song and the nervousness that we felt together, the practicing, the shooting of our first music video - all of these things are special memories for us.

Q: Now that you are past your 1st and 2nd albums, what styles of music or concepts would you like to experiment with in future albums that you have not had a chance to do yet?
Onew: I want to try band music.
Taemin: I want to try something like Linkin Park. It seems really stress relieving.
Key: Definitely not trot music (Korean folk music).

Q: If you were not a singer, what career would you be interested in?
Taemin: My childhood dream was to become a pilot. But that changed to becoming a celebrity. After becoming a celebrity, I thought about it and I kind of wanted to become a fisherman. However, we rode a boat once and I found out that I get very seasick. So then I thought, “Ah, I should just stick to being a celebrity.”

Q: Have your families always been supportive of you being a singer?
Onew: Ever since I was a younger, my mother always suggested that I become a singer. At first I told her I didn’t want to, but I changed my mind in 9th grade. Since then, she has been very supportive.
Minho: For me, they were quite opposed to it at first but when I told them that we were going to debut, they became very helpful and supportive. After our debut, they were very happy about it. You know, since we’re on TV and things like that.
Taemin: Like Onew, my family was pretty supportive from the beginning.
Key: My family was really against it. They really didn’t like the idea of it. (How did you persuade them?) I just kept going with it and at first they were like, “Fine, go ahead.” But afterwards, they were really happy about it.

Q: What is the strangest habit of the person sitting to your right?
Key on Taemin: He keeps losing things so every day, it’s our job to find things for him.
Taemin on Onew: He has a lot of weird sleeping habits. For example, he sleeps with his blanket covering him from head to toe. He can’t sleep if there’s any light. (Onew: But they always keep the lights on. ) So he sleeps like that and in the morning, he wakes up covered in sweat.
Onew on Jonghyun: Jonghyun sleeps with his eyes slightly open. Just very slightly, though.
Jonghyun on Minho: There are moments when he gets very serious very suddenly. He always takes our jokes seriously. We joke around a lot all the time, but he takes them seriously by himself. In the end, we always have to make sure he knows we’re joking. (Key: He says we can joke around with others but not him.)
Minho on Key: Key is from Daegu (a Southern province of Korea). When he talks to us, his accent comes out only from time to time. But when he talks to his friends or his parents, he speaks completely in a Daegu accent. (Key: My accent comes out when I get really excited about something, too.)

Q: Do you have any odd eating habits?
Taemin: I used to be a really picky eater and ate only the things that I liked, but not so much anymore. For example, if there was kimchi jjigae (kimchi soup), I would pick out and eat only the meat.
Onew: I hate when stuff gets on my face so if something gets on my face, I wipe it off immediately. When I ate jjajangmyun (black bean noodles) when I was younger, I would wipe my mouth after every bite. In the end, I’d have a pile of napkins by my plate.

Q: What is your favorite Korean side dish?
Taemin: Anything meat.
Onew: Right now I’m obsessed with “nak jee bokkeum” (panbroiled octopus seasoned with red pepper). I like when it’s really spicy. It’s delicious.
Jonghyun: I don’t really have a favorite food, but I love meat.
Minho: I really like ramen noodles. (Is there a special ingredient that you put in the ramen when you cook it?) Sometimes I don’t put in anything extra, but sometimes I put in Chungyang red peppers. (*note: very, very spicy Korean peppers)
Key: I really like cream pasta, but my favorite Korean dish is green onion kimchi.

Questions for Onew
You’ve participated in several musicals up to now. Do you have any desire to act in a drama?
Yes, I think it’d be a lot of fun.

What type of character would you like to play?
I haven’t really thought about it too much.

Questions for JongHyun
How did you realize your passion for music composition?
Ever since middle school, it was always my dream to become a composer or a vocal trainer.

If you could do a dream collaboration with any artist of your choice, who would you choose?
I would want to work with someone who isn’t the same age as me and isn’t Korean, an artist who is much older than me and understands culture from before I was born. Working with people like that would give me a lot of experience. In terms of Korean artists, someone like Kim Gun Mo and in terms of American artists, Babyface. I really like him as a producer.

Questions for Key
Recently, on Soompi, our members were talking a lot about your use of make-up and “guyliner”. The overwhelming response was that our members think you are very sexy when you wear eyeliner and make-up. What are your thoughts about being recognized for this characteristic?
I do it because I want to. I think that make-up is an extension of our outfits. Hair, make-up, clothes – it’s all a part of a concept. So I do it when it fits the concept. For example, in “Hello”, I don’t wear make-up because it doesn’t really fit. But for “Ring Ding Dong”, it fits.

Did you get any shopping done in the states while you were in L.A. for Hollywood Bowl?
We didn’t have much time when we visited last, so I was only able to buy an iPad. When we went for our first Hollywood Bowl, though, H&M wasn’t in Korea yet, so I bought a ton of accessories [from H&M].

What do you think of fashion in the states compared to fashion in Korea?
I think American fashion is closer to the style that I like – I mean, designers like Jeremy Scott live and work in L.A. Also, whatever country you go to, there’s always a concept of “teen fashion”. For example in L.A., I saw a lot of teenagers wearing a white shirt with jeans and a pair of Nikes. This is just a normal, everyday thing in L.A. but if that comes to Korea, it’s considered a type of “style”. In the same way, if Korean “teen fashion” were to be adopted in L.A., it would be considered a different kind of “style”, too. I find this really interesting.

If you could have a shopping spree anywhere in the world, where would you go?
England. I want to go to vintage shops there.

Questions for Minho
It’s well-known that you love sports a lot. If you could pick your dream soccer team, which celebrities would you pick for it?
I don’t really know who’s good or not so I’ll stick to people from SM. First, Eun Hyuk and Dong Hae from Super Junior. For goalie, I’d pick Shin Dong.

Questions for Taemin
What choreography do you like the most from your promoted tracks?
I like the choreography for all of our songs but the choreography for “Replay” was very fresh and exciting for me. We worked with a foreign choreographer for the first time. It was very exciting and shocking to me, and I remember really liking the choreography.

How would you compare your dancing skills today to when you first debuted?
Working with and learning from many different teachers, foreign choreographers, and dancers has definitely helped me improve little by little. Also, I have a lot more experience performing on stage than I did before, which has helped me improve, too. So in conclusion, I am much better compared to before.

MelOn Interview With SHINee
SHINee: Hello, we are shining SHINee!
Onew: Yes, everyone, you’ve been happy and well, right? SHINee has been working hard these days with “Hello” activities. Would you happen to know the reason why we have suddenly gathered like this?
Key: We are going to pick a few questions that you have asked us through Melon and answer them. Please give us the questions.

SHINee’s representative modifier, luxury idols! Do you like it? What other modifier is there that can represent SHINee?
Onew: Yes, luxury idol. Isn’t that a word that puts one in a very, very good mood? Isn’t it possibly signifying that our value appears to be that high?
Key: We’re very pleased with it. Music is luxury, clothes and fashion are also luxury, it’s nice that people are saying things like that, and as for other modifiers there is the one we’ve been saying all along, “contemporary band,” and there are a variety, but I think that there will be more modifiers that will form in the future.

I think that SHINee really possesses many charms. A particular charm unique to SHINee?
Onew: Yes, a charm that is unique to SHINee, what could there be?
Minho: What is there?
Taemin: First off I think it’s good that our unique color is distinct. SHINee’s unique color which many people speak of, I think it is SHINee’s unique musical color or SHINee’s unique style. I think it can be felt in those areas.

Even as fellow members, who makes you think that he’s impressive when you look at him on stage?
Onew: The member who is the most impressive when I see him on stage… For me, I want to pick Taemin-gun. The image of him working very hard is like that, and I think that he is always developing. He’s very impressive.

The question you were asked during broadcast that made you feel the most taken aback?
Taemin: Wherever we go, we are always asked about our ideal types. Truthfully in my case I don’t have a specific ideal type so on broadcasts I almost always say that I like actress Emma Watson, but I think I feel the most uncomfortable during those times. Who am I supposed to say?
Minho: I see.
Key: When you really don’t have one.
Minho: Yes.

The member whom you feel nags you more than your own moms do?
(샤이니 쫌짱인듯)
Onew: The member whose nagging is very excessive, shall we count to three?
SHINee: 1, 2, 3, Key.
Key: Me.
Onew: Yes, that’s so.
Minho: First off Key-gun is good to us at the dorm. He looks after us well, makes sure we eat, on a day to day basis… But when that becomes a bit extreme he slips into nagging.
Taemin: Truthfully, to speak positively of it we can call him mom, Key mom.
Minho: To speak negatively of it changes to nagging Key. But still, Key-gun takes such good care of us and he says good things to us more than he nags us on a day-to-day basis.
Onew: That’s right, he says things with affection.
Minho: So we like Key-gun very much.

The member whose image now is the most different from his first impression?
Key: Well, I think that all the members have changed too much since then for us to be able to pick out one member. I don’t think anyone thought that we would all change like this. Time has passed and as the members’ interests in different fields have grown we learned to dress and primp ourselves, and when we compare each other to what we were like back then even we wonder why we used to be so different.

Does SHINee like manly songs like “Ring Ding Dong” and “Lucifer” or sweet songs like “Replay” and “Hello”?
Onew: For me, I liked the song “Replay” since the beginning so I think that matched us extremely well.
Minho: For me, “Replay” was really good too, but I like “Lucifer” and “Ring Ding Dong” where we were able to show our powerful performances, and it’s really nice that “Hello” from our repackage album is receiving much love from fans as well.
Key: Because the members have our own personal tastes we can’t say that we like just one song or stage, but when we do this performance we like this positive point, and when we do that performance we like that positive point, so I think that it’s good whenever we perform.

Excluding the instruments you’re already familiar with, what new instrument do you want to learn how to play if you have one in mind?
Onew: I want to learn the marimba. I think it would be really fun.
Key: From whom are you going to learn that?
Onew: I’ll go to the actual location…ㅋㅋㅋ
Key: I want to learn the guitar or piano again from the beginning. What about the other members?
Minho: For me, not too long ago I saw someone who played the saxophone very well and I was so moved that if the opportunity presents itself I definitely want to learn.

Describe each member in 5 words!
Minho: If we describe each other in 5 words, first off should we start off by describing Onew hyung? Onew hyung is doing his musical lately so he is showing a performance that is different from our performances. Because he is showing a versatile image while doing his musical, how about something like, “Singing, dancing, does it all”?
Taemin: Multi.
Minho: “Singing, dancing, does it all.”
Key: Almighty Key.
SHINee: Ohh!
Minho: That’s good too. Hmm, then what about this? Key-gun has sense when it comes to fashion, has the most sense among the members too, and it stands out when we do variety so how about “super sense and sensibility jjang”? Is it okay?
Key: There’s a lot that can be expressed with 5 words, right?
Onew: “Complete and utter cutie-pie”!
SHINee: Ohhhh.
Onew: Using a really cute accent.
Key: Nowadays fans are coming up with a lot as well so we’ve been seeing a lot too, and there are a lot of original ideas. Please continue to post up a lot in the future. We will take note and use them amongst the members.

When you make a mistake in the lyrics or choreography during a performance, what is your personal method in handling it?
Onew: Yes, when a mistake is made during a performance… one has to overcome it very well. So there are times when I encourage a response. And I’ve pretended that it wasn’t me before as well.
Minho: Pretended that it wasn’t you.
Key: Pretended that it wasn’t your part.
Onew: Truthfully I have done that before, but there was no way that part wasn’t mine. Because I started off and forgot the middle part, I have a memory of that having been very difficult but I will work hard not to show such an image in the future.

What type of pose do you strike when you want to express manliness?
SHINee: When we sing a song that gives off a manly power we think it comes out naturally on stage. ^^

A recent episode from your car or dorm that was the most fun!!! Let us know.
SHINee: Oh, maybe it’s because the song we’ve been promoting lately is “Hello” but when we are bored amongst ourselves, no matter what the situation is the word “Hello” leaves our lips frequently. Always joyful.

You meet a SHINee fan on the street. But they say that they like another member more than you, how do you feel at that moment?
SHINee: Hello ㅋㅋㅋ

When you go to karaoke the score that defeats your confidence! What is the score!!
SHINee: When we’re working hard at singing and someone accidentally presses the cancel button and our score doesn’t come out. Defeat. Hello ㅠㅠ

“She sells sea shells by the sea shore. The shells she sells sure are sea shore shells, for if she sells sea shore shells as sea shells, the shells she sells are sea shore shells.” Which member is able to say this the quickest?
SHINee: Huk.. We all got it completely wrong. Hello Hello Hello

Taemin: Yes, until now we have been answering your questions, was it fun?
SHINee: Ohhhh.
Taemin: Thank you. Please continue to ask lots of question in the future.
Minho: Yes.
Taemin: We will become a SHINee who always works hard.
Onew: Until now it was contemporary band
SHINee: shining SHINee. Thank you.

(read more)
credits to :theshiningworld

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Interviews with SHINee
7:48 PM

- 2min & Jonghyun Interviews
- OnKey Interviews

credits to :theshiningworld
(read more)


1. How did you become a singer?
I liked dancing since I was little. Watching performances of Korean sunbae singers or Michael Jackson, I was attracted to dancing and started practing at home by myself.

2. The most memorable episode since your debut?
The first music program we debuted. It is still vivid in my memory. When I was singing on stage, faces of my family and relatives came to my mind. I felt my heart warming at that moment but tried to hold my tears back.

3. Which artist influenced you most?
Michael Jackson. He was on the top in music. I respect him in that respect. It is my dream to become the best.

4. What influenced you most besides music?
My family. (When I wanted to become a singer) my parents didn’t object to it but supported me fully. Even now they help me focus on my work. They understand me. When I was rebellious, they took it all generously.

5. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Eating breakfast!

6. What movies do you like?
A lot. I used to like romance, action or comedy movies, but these days I’m crazy about horror movies.

7. A phrase or motto you like?
Wait for Heaven’s will after doing your best. It is our family motto, and I like its meaning very much.

8. What do you do when you have free time?
I take lessons and practice

9. How do you release stress?
I go to our training room. It’s spacier than our apartment. There are friends I can talk to about my problem. It is like home to me. I go to the training room even when I want to meditate by myself.

10. A Korean artist you want to collaborate with?
Hard to answer. There are too many. It’s hard to pick just one.

11. Then, an overseas artist?
Usher. Am I dreaming too high?

12. What music are you listening to recently?
I’m listening to old hit songs. Not recent hit songs, I like R&B or ballad songs that were popular a few years ago. Songs with pretty lyrics and a bit sad.

13. Which member will you take to a desert island?
Key-hyung. He will certainly be helpful in many ways.

14. What touched you most recently?
I saw Korean movie, Harmony, recently. It is a very good movie, and I was so moved by it. What remains in my memory out of recent activities is Hello MV shooting. I enjoyed the filming and liked the set.

15. What are you most interested in these days?
Lazing around. Since our debut, I had all my energy focused on our activities until the end of last year. Recently I’ve got more time on my own.

16. Are there things you want to do before next year comes?
There are a lot. First of all, I want to work harder to show better performances. I think now is the most important time for us. We not going to be called “a new group” any longer.

17. If you pick a thing you think you won’t lose to anyone in this?
Everything! First, in fashion. I think I’m rather photogenic, handsome, good at dancing. My voice is not so bad. Good personality. Humble (Hahaha) It’s all joke~

18. What would you say if you meet yourself at the time of debut?
Don’t forget what you felt when you debuted and keep your sincere attitude. Don’t forget your original resolution.

19. One word to your current self.
Do it right!

20. If you promise something to yourself for next year?
I’ll be 19 next year, so I think I should be more responsible. I want to show I got more mature. Anyway, I’ll improve more!

21. A message to our readers?
I’m thankful for your support. I’d like to have more opportunities to meet you and make good memories with you.


22. Onew’s first impression?
He was caring and kind. Other people also say the same thing about him. “Onew-ssi is good with people and gentle”

23. What color would you compare him to?

24. One word to Onew-ssi!
All our members have unique personalities, so it won’t be easy to be a leader. We sometimes play together, but he is the hardest worker. He is the busiest member now, but it’s good to see him always show a smiling face to us. Onew-ssi, please, always stay as you are.


1. The most memorable episode since your debut?
I couldn’t perform with other members on stage because I had my leg injured when we started our Lucifer promotion.
The most memorable moment was when I was on stage with members after I recovered fully.
I usually don’t get nervous on stage, but was so nervous at that moment.
It was a stage unforgettable to me.

2. What influenced you most besides music?
I met many people at college and felt and learned lots of new things

3. What new things do you want to try?
I want to act in a play and be MC, but that’s for later when I’m more prepared.
I’m not ready for it yet. Until then, I think I should focus more on our SHINee activities.
I’ll try different things when I feel the fruits of my effort.

4. The first thing you do when you wake up?
I think about what to do today or how to spend a day.

5. What movies do you like?
I like action movies very much. Action is best for stress-relieving!
I prefer action movies to romantic comedy.

6. What do you do in your free time?
I work out or play soccer. I also spend time with friends.

7. What scares you most?

8. How do you release stress?
I work out.

9. Where do you feel most comfortable?
On my bed.

10. Which artist do you want to collaborate with?
Usher among overseas artists. Super Junior sunbae-nim among Korean artists.
I want to sing a song with them.

11. What is your role in SHINee?
I think I’m like a base in a band.
It doesn’t stand out but supports the sound.
Playing a supportive role as our team’s base.

12. Which member would you take to a desert island?
Only one member? Then…Onew-hyung.

13. Your favorite food and food you hate most?
I hate no food. My favorite is Ramen.

14. What will you say if you meet yourself at the time of debut?
Take things calmly and relax. I’m very differnt from what I was at that time.
I’m more relaxed now, but still a long way to go.

15. One word to your current self
Continue to work hard and don’t forget to be thankful!

16. What would you promise to yourself for next year?
I don’t know what I’ll be like next year, but I’ll work hard to improve.

Minho » Taemin

17. Taemin’s first impression?
He was cute. He was like my brother.

18. What color would you compare him to?

19. One word for him?
Taemin, you obey hyungs as Maknae
and work hard to improve yourself
Thank you.


What is the turning point for you to become a singer?
I was in a band in high school. Back then, I wanted to be a composer. I was also trying other aspects when I was chosen by the company to be an intern, from debut till today. Because I love singing, so I also thought of becoming a singer.

What is your most memorable episode since your debut?
My most memorable memory is when we won the Best New Artiste.

Beside music, what are your other influences?
Family. My biggest influence is from my mother. My mother really believes in me, she will let me do whatever I want to do, when I was choosing the path for my future, she said “Just take the path that you want to go!”

It was the same when I was promoted to high school, I was in Year 2 when I mentioned that I was thinking of transferring schools in order to learn music, my mother always let me walk the path that I choose. It also gave me a lot of strength because of my mother’s belief in me.

What are your future challenges?
I would like to try composing. I believe “music is story”, I hope a lot of people can listen to the stories that I wrote, everyone can relate to it, I want to make that kind of music.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
After opening my eyes I would immediately climb out from bed and take a shower. I’m the kind that will dilly dally and idle away on bed.

Any favourite movie?
I like horror and thriller flicks. The most meaningful movie that I have watched so far, a slightly old flick is “Phone Booth”.

How do you spend your off-days?
Mostly exercising. Then to the company’s dance studio. Because it is a very friendly place since young, so I feel very relieved there.

Ways to relieve your stress?
Sometimes by exercising, sometimes shopping.

Which Korean artiste would you like to collaborate with?
Wheesung-hyung! We have a very good friendship. We are very similar in a lot of aspects like musically and sensibility. I think we can work well together.

Then it would be Brown Eyed Soul’s Jungyeop-hyung, I also want to collaborate with him. We did a duet recently on a radio program and I really learnt a lot. I think to be able to collaborate with talented sunbaes, you are able to learn a lot, I can also mature better.

What about foreign artistes?
No foreign artistes that I want to collaborate, but recently I think Justin Bieber “is awesome”, his debut album is not bad, wonder what his follow –up album will be like? Looking forward to it.

What role do you portray in SHINee?
Ambience creator? But every member is actually an ambience creator. Everyone has a good character, all wants to be there for each other.

Which member would you bring along to live on a no man’s island?
Key! Key ah, is the type whom loves to cook all kinds of cuisines while I’m the opposite. If I bring Key along, I feel that I would not have this kind of problems.

What is your happiest moment recently?
Especially happy when “Lucifer” won No. 1. Followed by doing FM, that too was a very happy moment.

Your current happiest moment?
Music. I’m the kind whom is easily influenced by the environment. Because it’s already autumn, so ballads are not bad. Then, to create memories. Bought a Polaroid camera a few days ago, will go for a walk and taking photos.

What would you like to accomplish this year?
To go to amusement park with my friends, I also want to take public transport. I have never been there since high school Year 1. Ah, when we were in Osaka, we went to Universal Studios, had a great time too but I would like to go once with only my friends.

What is “this thing” that you definitely can’t lose?
Self-confidence. I believe for my age, I think to have self-confidence is much more important than anything.

If you could see yourself back then during your debut, what would you like to say?
Cherish your tears! (Smiles)

What would you say to the present you?
No slacking! Don’t forget what you want to achieve!

Any resolutions for next year?
To learn a lot, to feel a lot, these are what I want to say.

Please leave a message for the readers.
Really happy to be able to be featured in “Kool” magazine’s first issue. There will be lots of opportunities to share our news with everyone in Japan. I hope we are able to perform live in Japan again!


What’s your first impression of Key?
From the first time I met Key, his character has not changed at all till today, a really independent individual.

Use a colour to represent Key.

What would you like to say to Key.
I’m really happy when I see you moving forward on your self-path. I hope to see this Key in the future too.

KOOL MAGAZINE VOL. 1 - OnKey Interviews
Onew's Interview

1. Why did you chose to become a singer?
Onew: When I was in my 2nd year of Junior High, my adviser was a music teacher. My Teacher advices me while she listens when I'm singing.

2. Originally you want to sing?
Onew: Yes. I love to sing.

3. Since debut, What is your most memorable episode?
Onew: Of course our first performance on stage. My head was blank and was really nervous. Also I remember when we won the first place. Standing and performing at a big stage like SM Town Concert is memorable too. Also New comer Award!

4. Besides Music, What are your other influences?
Onew: Recently, I thought of "I'll try reading!" so I started to read books. When I read books, I learn a lot as well as my field of vision will expand which is a good thing. Also you can express your ideas, opinions well. Honestly, I don't know if I can continue this (laughs). But I really wanted to read a lot of books now.

5. What kind of books do you read?
Onew: I like writing essays based on the experience of the author.

6. In the future, What would you like to challenge?
Onew: I have the opportunity, I would like to try Radio DJ. And also composing song as well as writing lyrics.

7. What is the first thing you’ll do when you wake up in the morning?
Onew: Recently, I drink water if I wake up. Especially I have musical now, I thought of taking care of my throat. When I wake up in the morning my throat gets dry/sore that's why I try to drink water.

8. Your Favorite Word?
Onew: "It's Fun!" "Let's have Fun!" (Laughs). I love it when were having fun at every kind of stage.

9. What do you do during Holidays?
Onew: Watching movies, Driving....various.

10. What is the most scary for you?
Onew: I'm not particularly scared but if you ask me I'm scared of Insects.

11. What do you do in order to release your stress?
Onew: Sleep!

12. The most relaxing place for you?
Onew: I think our house which all of the members stay together. No one is bothering me and I can sleep well.

13. Domestic Artist you want to collaborate to?
Onew: Which person should I choose...Ah! We talk about this a day before, I promised to have a duet with f(x)'s Luna. That's why I'm thinking of practicing.

14. How about Foreign Artists?
Onew: Stevie Wonder. I really love him. It's such an honor if my wish will be granted and have a duet with him. I will do my best because I'm still not yet ready. Also, He is a Japanese singer but I don't know his name. He is a man who plays piano while singing. I think he is very famous in Japan. I like to practice his songs so I tried to search for his videos.

15. What song do you listen recently?
Onew: Recently, I'm doing musical performance so I usually listen to musical numbers.

16. What is your role in SHINee?
Onew: Looks...It is a joke (laugh) I think my role is to make the atmosphere happy and the person who leads.

17. Which member are you going to take to a deserted island?
Onew: It's Minho. He is athletic and seems to be good in catering foods.

18. Your happiest moment recently?
Onew: You think this conversation is about musical again......(Laughs). I'm one of the cast from the musical called "Rock of Ages". Originally, it's a foreign musical and it's the very 1st performance here in Korea. I'm glad that I was chosen to be the main cast for Korea's 1st performance.

19. What do you most concern about now?
Onew: It's Musical for now!

20. What do you want to do until the end of the year?
Onew: I've always wanted to study vocal music. If I have the time I wanted enjoy while studying.

21. This is the only thing I can't beat to no one.
Onew: This is not a pride but....people say I have nice voice, I'm so happy if they tell me this.

22. If you can time travel, What would you say if you meet yourself during your debut?
Onew: "Let's have fun", "Take lots of lessons"

23. For Next Year, What is your promise?
Onew: I don't know what will happen but instead of hurrying up and have promises, I should do my responsibilities and have fun next year.

Q. Your 1st impression of Jonghyun?
A. When I first met him, he thought me a lot of different things. From Lesson room to the way how to use it, What should I say this to him/her. He is really nice and thought me every little thing. That's why my impression was " Ah, He is a nice guy".

Q. If you compare him to a color?
A. Yellow or red color, brilliant/bright colors.

Q. A message for Jonghyun!
A. From now on let's aim and work hard together towards the same goals and dreams happily. And also, You're Cool!


Key's Interview

1. Why did you chose to become a singer?
Key: Since I was young, my dream is to become a singer. But on the other way I have other dreams. For example, a painter/artists. Either way I always wanted to work relating to Art. My dream of becoming a singer is always there inside of me.

2. Since debut, What is your most memorable episode?
Key: I went to a CD shop and bought our first album. I still remember that time.

3. Besides Music, What are your other influences?
Key: Fashion and Art. It really gave me an “inspiration”. Some people think that it’s unrelated field but Visual is all about looks.

4. In the future, What would you like to challenge?
Key: Do our best in various activities as SHINee, My hope and dream is also that were going to experience a lot.

5. What is the first thing you’ll do when you wake up in the morning?
Key: I check my Cellphone and iPod.

6. What is your favorite Movie?
Key: "ただ, 君を愛してる" (Tada Kimi wo Aishi teru”) Ahh….When I think of it, This is a Japanese Movie. Also, “Dreamers”.

7. How about your favorite Anime and Manga?
Key: I like all of Ghibli’s work. “The Borrower Arrietty” was recently published right? I reaaaally love this movie. I was hoping that Arrietty really exists as much as I love it. Even my fans really know that I love Ghibli so much that they gave me a present for me relating to Ghibli. I want “Arrietty” as a present. A real and alive “Arrietty” (Laughs)

8. Your Favorite Word?
Key: I have a lot of favorite words. For Example, “In order to get 1% of inspiration, do your best for 99%”, “Efforts will always pay off”…

9. What do you do during Holidays?
Key: Meet my friends, Go Shopping and Lesson.

10. What is the most scary for you?
Key: I’m scared when I always think “I hate”. Once I think I hate doing this or like that, I didn’t want to do it anymore or get frustrated . Anyway relating to negative..it is scary and I’m worried.

11. What do you do in order to release your stress?
Key: Before my stress will accumulate, I frequently release it.

12. The most relaxing place for you?
Key: My Bed.

13. Domestic Artist you want to collaborate to?
Key: FT Island's Jaejun. He is my very close friend. Also, Jaejun as a singer is a Senior and the first one to have activities in Japan so he really thought me a lot. Jaejun is a Bassist so if we do it together, I think it's going to be fun.

14. What song do you listen recently?
Key: Justin Bieber's songs.

15. What is your role in SHINee?
Key: I think a role as a bridge.

16. Which member are you going to take to a deserted island?
Key: Taemin.

17. Your Favorite Food and least Favorite Food?
Key: My least Favorite food is Carrot. Recently, I love Italian foods. Pasta and Italian Salad Dressing is especially delicious.

18. Your happiest moment recently?
Key: My Birthday party. I called a lot of my friends and we held a party and it was really fun.

19. What do you most concern about now?
Key: It's Fashion. For now, I'm anxious about Autumn/Winter Fashion.

20. What do you want to do until the end of the year?
Key: I think receiving an award.

21. This is the only thing I can't beat to no one.
Key: I think being greedy. I want to do a lot of things. Without realizing by myself I did a lot of things that I like to do.

22. What would you say if you meet yourself during your debut?
Key: Go/Take more lessons!

23. A single word for yourself.
Key: "I love You." I'm not a worthy person so I love myself. I'm mediocre.

24. For Next Year, What is your promise?
Key: I'll do my best next year more than this year. In overseas and in the country as well.

25. Messages for the reader.
Key: Compare to the other countries, I think Japan has more international exchange in South Korea. Through this magazine, we are happy if you can get information about K-pop and about us.

Q. Your 1st impression of Minho?
A. When I saw him, suddenly I thought he is a foreigner. And I thought he is older than me.

Q. If you compare him to a color?
A. Black.

Q. A message for Minho!
A. I want to become more closer to him. This is my wish so I don't know what Minho is thinking..... (Laughs)

Translation by winkme@soompi
Source: ritae-minta@Tumblr

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Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy
7:20 AM

(via http://www.1000notes.com/post/2169973521/visit-1000notesdotcom)

Went to City Hall yesterday with mum and sis to get my sis's DSLR. We ate Japanese Cuisine for lunch then bought Gongcha to drink while we walked to Funan Centre. Meanwhile, my mum and me went to shop around and even visited St Andrews Cathedral. Okay here's the thing. I always thought that a church is all white, even in the inside. Silly much? Anyway, sat there for about 5-10 minutes before going off and meeting sis again. Went to Esplanade and took manymanymany pictures and even wrote our 2011 wishes on a huge ball, which is going to be thrown into the water during the 2011 countdown. :) Ate Wow Wow West Fries @ Best fries forever and Ben & Jerry's icecream before going home.

LMAO i even photoshopped them. So appreciate! Shall try to photoshop all my own images next time if i'm free. :P

Watched 'Raising Idols' yesterday, but only finished Key's part. KEY IS A DIVA ALRIGHT. HEHEH.

(via http://thefanboyy.tumblr.com/post/2172808282/isnt-this-so-nice-to-think-about-while-you-sleep)

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Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future
Saturday, December 11, 2010 8:41 AM

Wait, who? Someone who looks like Kimhyunjoong of course. That kind of princely type. Oh wow. How great if it's true, huh? :(( *Cry a flow of river*. Yeah, i'm dreaming, like duh. Maybe i'll not get married hahahah. Who need guys to survive? ^^

Kara won yesterday's Music Bank, i think. Not that i don't like them or something. It's just because my preferences are still SNSD/SM The Ballad/T-ara/B2st. SNSD won Music Bank for about 5 weeks or so already, so i guess it's better to allow new groups to win, right? Can't blame them though. Hoot is like one of the best songs that i've ever heard. :D

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Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them
Friday, December 10, 2010 10:34 AM

Dory. Yep. What a weird nickname! I think it's given by my primary school friends. Then after that, there's a Doro. It's given by Jialin. UGH that fishy! Anyway, that's all. Yep. Actually there are more, but i hate even the sound of them. So yeah bleah.

Oh and so proud of SNSD! They won 3 awards at yesterday Golden Disk Awards. And their live too was awesome. :))

And yay! Finally have exactly 100 followers now! Thanks all! :P

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Can't let you go even if i die.
Thursday, December 9, 2010 8:24 PM

I'm so happy right now! Today i went to Vivo City with N & P. Watched Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader! I swear it's the best movie i've watched this year. It's so freaking damn nice even if it's not 3D. Hahahahah. Today i had a great time! Thanks girls :)

Anyway GDA right now omg omg! SNSD! SHINee! SUJU! FT ISLAND! MISS A! 2AM! CN BLUE!

oh and SNSD won the Digital Daesang Award! Congrats! Don't cry, SNSD! :D

Look at them. They are crying. ): And Tiffany, get well soon! <3>

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Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have
7:38 AM


So, when i used to be very young that time, i wanted to be a psychologist. Why? Because i wanted to know what people are thinking about. And what their body actions say about them. I wanted to know the deepest secrets of humans. And how humans can lie even when their eyes are betraying them. Then, i thought about becoming a doctor. Why? Because i wanted to save people. Moreover, the income for a doctor is huge. But then again, i can't imagine myself becoming someone who's on the call for 24 hours and being so devoted to other people. Kinda hard, don't you think? I can't do accounting, it's so freaking boring. I think i can die. I just want to do something regarding to science. Yep. :P

Anyway, going out Vivo later with N and P!

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Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
Wednesday, December 8, 2010 8:00 AM

Anybody. Just anyone with a proper family, of course. Oh i want to be a guy. Yes, yes, that'll be perfect. Let's see, i shall be the most perfect guy you ever see. Muahahahaha. I will blind you with my deep blue eyes ( or maybe light golden-yellow? ). I can't decide just yet. Hahahah. I shall have the most shining smile. I will make you faint. I can go on forever. Hahhaha. Okay, you basically get what i mean. I just want to be, THE BEST.

Well, i'm in no mood to post, actually.

(edit @ 2.49pm).

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LOOK! A new skin hahaha! Well, all i wanted was i skin with large post width, so that it will be image-friendly. ^^ Anyway, JUST FINISHED ALL MY ACELEARNING MATHS HW. I'm super happy now yet a bit worried because i forget most of the formulas for my maths! UGHHHH i'll be damn if my Amaths or Emaths fail next year. OKAY DOROTHY, anyway it's holidays. Don't fret! You can always start now hell yeah!

Oh anyway, something happened to jessica? Why is everyone saying that she got touched inappropriately? http://www.allkpop.com/2010/12/was-snsds-jessica-inappropriately-touched-by-a-man!

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