‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
Kaichou wa maid-sama
Monday, October 18, 2010 4:05 PM

Been watching Kaichou wa maid-sama (anime *__*!!!!) since yesterday. I rushed like uh, 22 episodes already. ^^ Usui is reallyreallyreally perfect. I get what PL said about him being awesome and all that already. Firstly, he's good-looking, he has good brains, he's extremely good in sports, he's popular, and I think he's oh-so very awesome! Too bad there aren't any people like him in real life. Aww:( Anyway, he reminds me of some characters in other animes. Like the Kyo in fruitbasket (same hair Colour and Omg look exactly the same! But well, cooler and definitely smart!). Like the Zero in Vampire knight! (They got the same awesome personality! Though I don't really like Zero...:/). Hehe.

Oh gosh I sound weird, don't I? May be crazy already because of the results...

Cowy says it's stupid to cry over animes and like animes because the characters are all fake and just plain cartoons. But, I beg to differ. The reason why we need them, is because, we can't be like them. So we got to have some role models, right?