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Wednesday, October 27, 2010 2:31 PM

TALYOR SWIFT. I'm so tempted to buy her 'Speak now' album. GOSH.

Anyway, today i had fun! Like reallyreallreally. 202, we only have 1 day together. I shall always miss you. ♥ You are so very awesome, i can't think about next year without you. ZOMG. I don't wanna go to 2011. I want 2010. I want 202 to stay together. I don't want to split classes. I just want you, just you. JUST YOU. UGHHH.
I love you, 202!

There's class outing tomorrow. YAY MOVIE OUTING? :P I'll be going. YES YESH HELL YEAH.

Awesome 202! And i like my bangs hahahah :D I like Cowy's too (:

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