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Saturday, July 31, 2010 9:06 AM


K so here am i, and yes i'm here ^^ Changed skin. Getting so bored of the 'Run devil run' skin. Still deciding whether to submit or not. Prolly yes. Feeling so tired after 3 tests this week. But yet, none of these tests seem to be a breeze. Nervous.

Anyway, yesterday was super super super boring i tell you. During Chinese, LLF did not come and we mugged for History test and i played Changlyn's iphone- Misery Business by Paramore, Vanilla Twilight and Fireflies by Owl City and lastly, Airplanes! After that, she lent me again to listen to music. AWWW :D Hope you did well for your piano exams, yeah! (:

PW- we watched all our final videos. Xiancui's group the best. Congrats! Math and English were kinda boring. Then we have finally, History test. I think maybe i will screw up. D:

Shall study for Chem, ELit and Math soon. ANYBODY KNOWS WHAT THE HECK IS TESTED FOR ENGLISH? Gotta start on my Acelearning. Later doing the Geog essay. Tough life.


Howdy do
Tuesday, July 27, 2010 6:11 PM

Khehe I'm supposed to be studying for my history and IS test now but oh wells. Anyway, my Chinese test on Monday was, let's say, pretty scary. I'm nervous, oh no. Hey hey and my class guys are like damn sick, really damn sick OMG. Shall not elaborate on it anyway. And the Chinese compo we do right, It's like very scheming of LLF to tell us to write about what had happened in class that she doesn't know. Our art is like damn screwed please, help us LOL. Say goodluck for my tests thank you very much. I shall change my skin soon, getting sick and tired and very bored of this skin. I shall do a skin when I have the time ohhhh. hell yes. have a lovely day buhbyes!:)


Childish Jerlyn! :P
Friday, July 23, 2010 8:55 PM

A POST FOR JERLYN, hahahah my dear :)

Hey hey hey what you want me to say LMAO. Hehe. Okay okay jerlyn chai, you must mature soon and stop being so childish le. Omg I'm no longer sitting with you during Chinese lesson, awww... Yeah it's like we talk a lot more less YOU LUHS, you promised to eat recess/lunch with me some time de. I kinda miss talking to you, and listening to the 'green stuffs' and your sad stories and everything. I miss you not sitting next to me during Chinese! Argghh... Hope maybe next year we can still be as good friends as now. ILY, ^^

Anyway, I have west division games day for girl guides tomorrow! Omg hope we win something, I really wish for no more silvers, just golds hehe.


Thursday, July 22, 2010 7:04 PM

I'm sorry that I changed and that everything isn't the same. And I'm really freaking sorry if you can't recognize me anymore. Neither do I.

You ate my heart. You ate ate my heart. Monster.

A thousand times I cried because of you. A million times these tears were shed because of love.

You can make it dark; but I can't make it light.

I wonder why the world can go on, when I feel like everything has stopped.

Iche liebe dich.

Sometimes I feel blessed.
Sunday, July 18, 2010 6:16 PM

Hai. Okay so here's what happened. Yesterday I got pissed with a lady who just cut into the queue while I was just there waiting at NTUC fairprice for my mum to get something. I was really darn pissed with her, my mind was like screaming 'f bitch' repeatedly. And she still have the nerves to say to my mum that she had no idea whether she came first or us. Excuse me, like hello, it's like f obvious that we come first, and she's a bitch, an ass to cut into our queue alright? I was like, okay shucks, I looked at her with that 'IM DAMN MAD YOU BETTER F OFF' face and I think she was kinda taken aback by my expression. I guess that a kid like me can be scary too. Ha.

Anyway, I went to the library and borrowed some books which include a Photoshop CS5 book ( I only have CS4 :(( ) and a book on psychology. I have to say, the idea of being a shrink interests me a lot. Guess I shall have to work harder to understand more on humans and their actions.

And PL, you cheer up and take care. <3

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Happy birthday Zihui!
Saturday, July 17, 2010 4:26 PM

Happy birthday Zihui! Happy I year LMH's anniversary.

And yeah I'm happy today cause I bought 3 fruit basket books omg. I would have love to buy Vampire knight's books but oh wells. Anyway, I dun really like fb. But I like bejeweled so watch me pwn ppl tyvm. :D I want to buy Jodi picoult's books too but too ex so broke. :((

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Friday, July 16, 2010 4:29 PM

▲ My sis's holga camera. SO kewl.

▲ FUNNY reflection.

▲ Swenson's ice cream! Sticky chewy chocolate!:D

▲ YUMMM...

▲ NEWater plant! at changi.

▲ Our very lovely 202 class tee! DOUBLE DOMINATION!

▲ Taken yesterday. NEWater trip:D

▲ SO nice right? yep yep! I took it like so nicely heh:P

▲ Told you so.

▲ I love this one. It's not easy to take the picture from the window in the shaky bus alright?

▲ Guess who? :D ME AND EUNICE'S.

▲ HEHE. Something so random. But these are the pens i love yeah. MORE COLOURS PLS!:D

▲ Thank you Jerlyn and Xueyin for this card tho my birthday is like 2 weeks and 1 day ago. I ♥ you all yeah!

▲ Wendy's! WOOTS.

▲ The wrapper's so nice. SEE WENXIN!:D


▲ EEK. Roaches tho it looks cute here :P

▲ Cute KIMI doll! Thanks WEITING!:D

▲ My very pretty and awesome card for Huifang on ROD. SO NICE RIGHT?

▲ Colourful!;D

▲ Sorry so random, lol lol. ROD!

Random aha. Sorry for the lack of pictures in my blog. Merci.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010 8:55 PM

Yay today is ROD! Which is all known as 'retire official day'? (no idea, just that L yujia told me that). Anyway, I love you all sec 4s seniors! Wish you all the best for your o'levels yay. And thanks for being so awesome. Awww... <3

I have really hardly any time at all. Just updating using my itouch cause I'm feeling sad and guilty neglecting my precious blog. Keep supporting by tagging yeahs! I will reply all tags, hopefully by friday^^ do follow me too, aliens! Muack!

Tomorrow's gonna be NEWater trip. Hope it will be fun. Hehe. I'm gonna have fun. Wish me luck. :) PS. I screwed my Chinese and maths test. OMGEE.

Sunday, July 11, 2010 9:29 AM

UH kay today is Sunday. And there's 2 tests coming up- Geography and history. Wish me luck pls, merci :D

I hope my Geog and History will get at least A2 each. Cause they will be counted. I WANT TO GET A1 for these subjects for EOY and Common test 2. GOOD LUCK, DOROTHY, YOU CAN DO IT YES YES!

Shall memorise all the geography points later in the afternoon. It will be on tuesday man. I will be quite busy this week! I have a stupid interview on external security by MOE people and that will be a briefing. The actual is on 23 July? Then CCA on Wednesday. OMG THE NEW CL, LEEYUJIA, VERY CRUEL! YJ, stop making us pump outside classroom blocks please. PLEASE. It has been 2 weeks and my knees suffered from bruises and scratches. The ground is really rough, you know? AWWW CRIES. And my arms and hands always hurt too. NO MORE PUMPINGS! Next year when I'm Sec 3, hahah, lol, I can bully people! But but, that will be like, a vicious cycle lmao.

Thursday will be the NEWater trip! It ill be fun, i guess.:P ISCIENCE!

Hope everything will be fine and alrights. Till then~♥


Friday Blues.
Friday, July 9, 2010 3:51 PM

Okay, so here's the thing. There's lightning risk alert early in the morning today. AND I saw Puiyee in the bus, 189! So we went to school together.

I brought my ipod touch to school today! YAY!

Morning there's 3 periods of Chinese. OMG. I promise to study harder from now onwards. I was very tired today and i laid my head on the table and almost slept lol. I REALLY WONDER HOW I WILL SURVIVE CHINESE FROM NOW ON. D:

PW! Went computer lab, weiting wanted to tag my cbox as me and put in 'Dorothy is sofa king stew pit anyone who read this try and break this code.' STEWPIT WEITING LUHS. Geraldine also tagged as me and say 'GERALDINE ROCKS. I love her <3.'



Thursday, July 8, 2010 4:41 PM

HIIII today was kinda fun. We had hosting today. SO early in the morning we went auditorium and assembled there. Then the vice principal kept talking with the China students and teachers. After that, the performances by our classmates started! YAY! Xian cui danced solo for 2 parts. MS SWAN! :P Followed by Bingming and yokeyee they sang Jay Chou song. EEK CAN'T REACH LOL. After that was the performace by some guys. The same moves. HEHE. Went to Sky garden to interact and play game- 'Wacko'.

Finally, recess! Free food, yay yay! Yijun played the piano, super nice luhs (:

Malay, damn embarassing leh. I got called and i don't know how to answer. OH WELL. Assembly! I wanna go Japan~~~. D:

Integrated science, me, eunice and Yijun presented. I went red in the face lol.



YAY 50 followers!:P
Monday, July 5, 2010 8:35 AM

HAHA finally reached 50 followers :D YEP DOROTHY IS SUPER HAPPY.



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Sunday, July 4, 2010 9:44 AM

(via Art pixie)

I feel like changing skin again! And i made one already. Kinda like image skin. Though it's not featuring any pop idols or etc, just simple image-brushes skin. But i like the simplicity of my current one though. THE RUNAWAY~~~ AHHHH, i'm so fickle-minded. One moment i say i want this and the other moment i find myself liking the other one. GREAT LOL. And tumblr is so awesome. I feel like posting images from tumblr into my blog posts. UH kay, here goes (: AND BB!

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Eunice's Birthday!
Saturday, July 3, 2010 8:46 AM

Happy birthday Eunice! I'm 2 days older than you HOHOHO XD

And thank you for everything, i ♥ you. (:

Anyway, yesterday Weiting showed me something she wrote during math lesson. 'I am sofa king stew pit.' She asked me to say out loud but i know what 'stew pit' means, but i said it anyway. Then, she and changlyn laughed. LOL! Then after some time, i realised what it means. ARGHHH. WEITING! I think i'm going to flunk my math level test. UH-OH. I think chinese is worse man. Cause i left lots of blanks. I'm gonna die~~~

I should really start mugging now. Revise!

AND, i got SOTD for my birthday. It's my 7th SOTD now... :D

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Thursday, July 1, 2010 4:58 PM

OKAY TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY. LOL. I really love today, alright? HAHAHAHA. Thank you all those who bought me presents, all those who's going to buy me presents, all those who bought the cake for me, all those who wish me happy birthday whether by sms or in person! I LOVE YOU ALL.!


Regardless, whether or not you hurt me, i still love you, as my friends (: