‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
We lay our broken hearts on the ground, abandoned.
Sunday, June 27, 2010 7:51 AM

It's a dark and murky day. Alright, not exactly 'dark and murky', and it's kind of bright even though it's raining, but I described the day that way because it is the last day of holiday already.

That also means that i have to say bye to lots of things: computer (which you can do lots of things with!), free play, freedom, my ipod touch!, going out, and etc etc. And i have to say hello to: teachers, exams, tests, homework, boring lessons, fun lessons, canteen food, and my friends:) ... Depressing.

The reason why I am upset it's the last day of holidays already are:

1. I hate school. (Okay, not really hate, but well...dislike? You know right? You can't probably love school, can you?)

2. I want holidays to be longerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... D:

3. I can't accept the fact that holidays' over already. It's like a blink of an eye?

4. Where can i get freedom? *Sigh*

5. Being hurt ( And learning about life-the hard way )

Anyway, there's gonna be lots of tests on the first few weeks of school. SHIT, I HAVEN'T REVISE YET. OMGGEE. MATH. CHINESE. GEOG D:

Friday, June 25, 2010 10:56 AM

School's reopening again! Sigh. And today the thunder woke me up. I really hate thunders...

School's fun, at times, but lessons are damn boring. Yes, you are right. LOL.

Didn't i promise myself that I won't hate anymore? Cause life isn't just about love and hate. It's about pursuing dreams, achieving. Yet. Currently, i hate some people. I hate them because they hurt me. I f hate them cause actions hurt more then words.

Tell me why.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010 7:50 AM

Life is a weird thing. But it's great. That's all i know.

I guess there are many more in life that i haven't achieve yet.

But i know that maybe i can.

Trust me.

Sunday, June 20, 2010 11:45 AM




6th SOTD
9:08 AM

It's my sixth SOTD, awesomez (:


Crazy Bunneh! ^^
Friday, June 18, 2010 1:13 PM

Okay, here's something really retarded between me and my sis. It happened last night :D
Through sms.

S: Didn't bring keys... Help me open leh! I'm reaching home soon.

ME: Okie SIS:) and you are home ^^~tata:D

S: ^^ crazeh bunneh

ME: Do you mean bunny? I love bunnies! They are like you know, boomz hehe :P
S: Yeah! That's like my lingo. Aha. Bah BOOMZ! haha. You know like, shingz, maybe you need a duckter regarding that.

ME: Why is a doctor called a duckter in your world? Oh, i get it, you are living in Far far away, Shrek's world! Woots. (^.^)

S: Oh yea. How you know? haha. yes yes. Maybe you need a mental ducktor! Heehee at least you know yo! Coolios! What are you doing now.

ME: Thanks SISTA. I know i'm clever. No words are needed. Imma trying to sleep. So cheerios :) <3

S: Hahahah :/ ok. What's clever? Are you a smarteh? Hohoheh.
ME: Yep SISTA. I'm smart. But definitely not a smartypant. ME=ftw! :) goodnight sis. Cya soon!

S: You know what's a smartehpants? You read the princess smartehpants book before huh? LOL... so ego! Go and suck eggs! :P

ME: I dun suck eggs. Eggs are meant to be eaten, sis. You gotta go back to kindergarden cos i think you are losing your basic. Uh-oh. O.O

S: Who says i dunno. It's a lingo. Too bad you are not smarteh enough to understand our Atas-sy language!:p

ME: Hey sis, you're losing yourself and imma trying to sleep. So yes, kinderjoy and bye! :)

S: what? I'm here. Goodeh Nightehs. Wheee:P

ME: Whee! Lame'o sisty. Btw, goodten abent (?)

S: Guten abend! That's the right way. HOHO

ME: Shall not argue now since imma tired now. Hey kthxbai! :P

LOL. FYI, guten abend means 'good night' in german. :D AND WE ARE SO LAME. And my sis is like so old -.-

We are awesome.
Wednesday, June 16, 2010 6:14 PM

Yes I'm home and I'm freezing alr! I shouldn't have walked home in the rain just now and the bus was freakig cold, okay? Hey I went out with ziyan and Jerry just now. It was :) . But too bad Hannah and Rachel didn't make it. Imy them alright? And me and Jerry reached first. Wandered around for like very long. Like souless creatures haha. And ziyan was late for let's see, about half an hour! I think more than that. Zzz, you got to learn to be punctual, girl. Oh well, anyway, went mac! And yes, me and ziyan were like annoying each other. And she said 'ni gou le hor, bu yao yi zhi suan wo wo gen ni jiang' lol!:) then she was like commenting in jerry's dance society ppl. LOL, after that, we went popular and Jerry bought a Vamlire Academy book. Looks nice!:) and ziyan bought pens. Later we went jerry's house and we played cards and jerry's internet connection wasn't working. Oh yea, I like jerry's house. Big big terrace house! So good! *envy* and so nice leh! Anyway, jerry's mother gave me and ziyan dumplings and ovaltine to eat and drink. Not bad~ :D and then we went back and then there's Internet! Oh yea, it may be that because we were on the third level, that's why no connection. Also, there's rain today. And then we went home, Jerry sent us off~ ILY!:) JERELYN TAN AND LOHZIYAN!


Hit your heart
7:21 AM

It's not even 7.30 am on a Thursday morning and i'm up. Yeah, hey, it's like two weeks had gone past without you even knowing it. And this is the third week. *sobs*

I'm going out later with Jerry and Hannah and Ziyan, seriously, IMY all. I wonder how long we can keep this friendship of ours. Because this is already the second year we are not together, next year, will it be like we will be total strangers? I hate to know, but i will cherish whatever moment we have for now. ILY.

I love my current skin now. ~ NO RIPPERS, K?THX.

I'm sorry if i was being too pushy, but i thought it's best for you. Hell, i'm sorry...

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I've learnt my lesson.
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 4:15 PM

Heylo! I came home from yijun's house. And at I was late for about 15 minutes because the train didn't come and Jolene and yijun wanted for me at fajar station. So, yea I waited for about half an hour for a damn train! How ridiculous! Anyway, I took lrt for the second time in my life today, and I've learnt my lesson, I found a seat to sit down so that it wouldn't be so scary. lol, I know I'm noob alright? But you must sympathize with me. I'm a poor soul. Hahah btw, the video editing was a tedious and tiring job. And it feels utterly weird to hear my own voice! Lol. I sound really weird. And lunch was dumplings and Milo. Tasted good:) yijun's grandma is nice~ oh and I really like her house, it's kinda bright and nice. And very quiet too... OH yes, a nice day:) and I shall be going out tomorrow with Jerry, hannah, ziyan :) miss you all. Hope it will be fun! Too bad Rachel can't make it. ILY all. And Thursday I shall be going out with jerlyn and maybe weiting and maybe more people. Love ya! :) and yes, jerlyn and weiting, okay whatever, karate kid. But I still have hopes for toy story!!!! Haiz oh well, Friday I s be going out with my mum and sis to ion orchard. And yes! May be buying some things there:) good bye lovelies, and if you visited my blog, pls tag! My blog is dying...


new skin!
Monday, June 14, 2010 2:38 PM

HEY there, in bloom~ a new skin. I found a fondness for dark colours now. NOOO~ I won't abandon my soft colours, especially colours like light pink and light blue :D

And the posts part are slightly wider than the top, cos i like it big. Nah, just for fun ^^

Oh well, nooOo~ I don't wanna take LRT again. But i have to, because i'm going Yijun's house to do the video project thingy. OMG. PLS, don't let me get lost again. I hate that feeling.

Anyway, i'm still wondering if i should submit my previous. But it's kinda ugly, and ppl say it's nice? OH WELL...


A penny for my thoughts.
Sunday, June 13, 2010 4:22 PM

See I'm here again and I'm pondering over some things. You see, I think it's true when they say,'it never rains but pours'. All those unfortunate things happen to you when you are at your lowest point, your darkest moment. Why? That's what I want to know. Is it god? Or is it just your fate? Countless times that happened, I choose to hide, to protect myself, to seal everything inside. Why? Why again. Yes, I'm lost. Maybe things don't go accordingly to what you plan, what you wish for, and let's just say, things go in the wrong directions. It happens, to me and to you, I trust. I wonder why and how those famous people got their names prominent. I bet it was a tough road, a harsh life to lead. Again, I wonder, you get your life for let's say, about maybe 80 years, if there are no misharps of course, but then, after these long and tedious, or let's just call them ardous years, where do you go? I am really curious. You perish, or are you given a new life?

Sometimes, I wish vanishing is easy.

Home at last:)
Friday, June 11, 2010 5:50 PM

Yesh I'm home! Like finally. I just came back from LWT's house and well, it's quite fun, the trip. But but weiting cheated my feelings! She told me that she will wait for me at CCK and she didn't. So I called her and she told me the directions to go. Then cause I saw a LRT train came, I just board it and it's actually service B when I'm supposed to take Service A. and she told me to stop at Bukit Panjang there but shoot, I overshot it so I got off at 2 stops after that and then I was like where I am??? I'm lost le, and I Smsed her that I wanna go home! Oh I forget to add that LRT rides are super scary! D: I was practically hugging the pole while SMS-ing. Then finally after what seems like an eternity, I reached jelapang and came down to see WEITING! haha :) okay so I went to her house and she kept saying that she wanna abandon me halfway! So mean! I told her I can take taxi de lol. Then she tell me go take lar. Shit her :( and it's kind of dark and creepy. And weiting's siblings are scary! Lol, they kept screaming at one other. OH but I think it's quite fun and nice though:) TY LWT! <3


WT'S House!
8:08 AM

HI there. I'm going out later at around 12pm to meet yes, LOHWT! Hahaha, she's gonna bring me to her house and i have totally no idea where that place is. I don't wanna get lost again, okay? OH well... she's gonna let me play with her nitendo wii after doing homework together. YAY! I hope i won't look so much like a noob. Because i seriously know nuts about it. Hope it will be fun! (:

Prolly will update later in the evening to tell you all about the trip.

And again, I may be going out with Jerlyn (L) too next thursday. And yes yes! It will probably be West Mall and I wanna (desperately) watch Toy story 3! I've watched 1 & 2 already, so it makes sense to watch the last one, right? But Jerlyn didn't watch any of it, *sob*. BUT I WANNA WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fast update!:)
Thursday, June 10, 2010 5:34 PM

Hi! I'm making a very quick update on my iPod touch, FYI, my birthday is coming in exactly 3 weeks time! :D *wink wink *


Wednesday, June 9, 2010 11:57 AM

I need a break, like seriously. Math's driving me crazy. AND AND, GOSH, MY BRAIN CELLS ARE DYING OUT. GREAT. PLEASE, give me back my life.

Monday, June 7, 2010 5:22 PM

HEY I CHANGED SKIN. Yea i'm tired of my freedom skin already. And i've aligned this skin to the center. Hope it looks better now ^^ I want something sleek and professional. Tired of all those 'quotes' skins already which i always come up with.

OH YES, TODAY IS ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL FILMING TRIP. I'm in love with my crazy group (:

(edit) I realised that times new roman actually goes well with this skin ^^ (/edit)


5th SOTD!
Sunday, June 6, 2010 7:15 AM

I got my 5th SOTD! :D

Click on the image above. Yay! Another SOTD! :D *Insert many smileys here* Thanks you thank you thank you very much! ^^

Sometimes light just appears out of nowhere, and you just have to be there to receive it.


Friday, June 4, 2010 2:47 PM

10 things you gotta know now:

I don't know what to say and post anymore.

I need motivation to do homework!

I'm such a slacker.

I love my ipod touch.

I am feeling empty inside out.

I have nothing, absolutely nothing that can interests you anymore.

I need happiness.

I don't know where to find happiness.

I don't know what can I do to find happiness.

I'm lost.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010 1:22 PM

I got it all wrong today! Today isn't the day for ROD, it's the day for what thrift badge and modules day. And yea, I got my badge, like finally. HAHAHA.

Morning I met up with Vanessa T. and we took 189 together but guess what? Hell, we missed a stop and yea we arrived in some 'ulu' place lol. And then it was like raining, so we tried to walk back to school, but decided to take taxi in the end. And you know what? If we hadn't take the taxi, we would be continuing walking the wrong direction. PHEW!~

So yea, modules is kind of boring. Just answering questions aren't any fun.

And I went home all the way with hipcups again! And Vanessa T. was like 'hip' then it came and 'cup' it came again! OHHH WELL.


7:32 AM

I had not been submitting blogskins or whatever graphics for the past days, and now I have a total of 30 followers! OMG, thank you very much!

Going out later at about 9.00 plus for Guides. Today is ROD. Bye bye to the sec 4s, WE ALL LOVE YOU, hahaha, i made a suck-ish card for Huifang, but oh well, it's the thought that counts :P
Today is gonna be a slack day again~ Most probably, there will be like food to eat and performance done by the sec 1, 2 and 3. OH YEA! I still don't know what will sec 2s be doing. Serve me right for not participating actively in the meetings. *Crys*.

I'll probably come home at about 1pm. D: Oh well, wish me luck.


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Tuesday, June 1, 2010 4:17 PM

YOOO~ I just came home from Changi, it was really damn far and I stood all the way back until Jurong east then I sat down. My legs are aching already.

Really, we manage to film the intro today. AND YES YES! It was awesome and very very very fun :D( I would love to put in more 'very' but well... ) I love the part where we chased the crowd down cause we need lots of people. HAHAHA. And they blame me for scaring the people off because it's like when we don't need to film them, they came. And when we got to film them, then it's like very little people. LOL!

In the end, we waited outside the Skytrain there. Then every time when a train arrives, we would like 'EHHH! Come already come already! Quick quick start start!' HAHAHAHA and we took the camera and the tripod stand and we like retards and kept shooting the people who came. I still remember that one time I saw like there were some police and I was like very scared and I kept laughing. HAHA. Then it's like so shaky!~ But well, it became very successful at the end even though people looked at us like we are uh parading like that. LOL!

I ♥ my group :D