‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
Sunday, May 2, 2010 6:44 AM

Here to post about yesteday and speech day, yo~

We have D&T project yesterday near my house. Wenxin came first, then me, then Eunice and Yuanrong were late, HOHO XD. We started work then after started crapping and 'Da xiong' kept calling me Doreamon. LOL! Anyway, wenxin's liddat de. Oh well. HAHAHA. Yuanrong is naggy, as always. My grand auntie rong, LMAO.

In the end, we didn't finish it because we didn't have the materials for the rest of the lantern. So we left Auntie Rong to bring home the unfinished work and went to play Swing~ BOO. Took some photos and and Wen Xin is damn pro. (:

After that, took group pictures and we went straight home.


Speech day-Friday.

Morning had PE lesson. Captain's ball~I think i've improved, as in my throwing and passing of the ball and running. *smug* I scored quite a few number of goals.

Had Math lesson and it was supposed to be 2 periods, but everyone went down for reccess (:

Rushed home with Eunice.

Returned back in school at 2pm.

Began my duty~

Distribute buns and water. Tired D:

Watched the contingent! The same one every year... LOL.

Returned to canteen and slack, tied Peishan's hair and failed and took pictures!

Dinner Reception.

We were like waitresses and I served some and cleared the plates for the guests too. Girl Guiders= Maid? :/

Ate dinner!

Oh yea, did mention that going up to the 5th floor towards Home Econs room is freakingly scary at 8.00 plus pm? We almost screamed, me, clarice, Jamie, Wan Yee and Sweeting if not for Ms Yeo (Home econs teacher). (:

Went home with Puiyee.

Horrifying night.