‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
Last post of the week:D
Sunday, January 31, 2010 10:43 AM

Heya guys(:

Gotta rush out this post, I'm in a need of time!

Lol, I will hardly care if my blog is dying. Cause I'm falling in love with adobe. Omgomg.

Oh yea, tell me if you know how to read the atlas properly. I'm dying in geography. Oh, and sms me too if you know chemistry. I can hardly understand anything. Well, a little i guess.

Wish me luck for all 3 papers. (;


Friday, January 29, 2010 6:38 PM

Realised how important GG was to me.

Thanks Puiyee. Haha GG good friend!

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5:41 PM

I'm changing skin. Wait till i get my photoshop working(: Then i will make it all image. And i have the idea imprinted in my mind already. I kept thinking of it the whole week. But the image itself will probably take a hell lot of time... Sigh. But it will be very orignal(: Cause it's not coded. I'm sick of coded skins. I love image skins now. Okay, wish me luck. I'm using laptop now, no PS, cause? My computer broke down. Wth...


LOL? Bitch.
5:22 PM

Lols. Someone came to my previous site and said that I steal her bf. Like real. Who's that girl, I also don't know. Surely somebody is jealous. What the hell. And she scolded me the f word. Yea right, like I will care about you. Don't know why you even bother to go that site at all. It's abandoned, for god sake. And she still said sorry. Sorry no cure, don't you know that? It's probably a joke. Oh god, if you want to scold me, come find me and scold me lah, don't do it cowardly. I know you are probably just some bitch trying to find pleasure in life. But don't taint my blog please. And, if you are from my school, if you dare, come and find me, or esle, just hide.

What a bitch.


Handle with Care
4:42 PM

I am really tired now. D: It's been a long damn week. I haven't even have a chance to use computer. I really love my really awesome friends around me. Without them, I think I might just collapse. I see things in a different manner now, I learn a lot of things. And through this one week, I read one very fantastic book: Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult.

It's make me feel that we are more fortunate, in some ways, than others. What if a child borned is one with disability and is what we call a 'wrongful' birth? Willow is such a beautiful child, Charlotte would never bear to wish that she has never been born.

Life is just so unfair. Sometimes, it makes me wonder how people who are supposed to grief for themselves don't live in despair, while those who have no reason at all keep complaining about life. It's weird, isn't it?

I'm so sorry for my long essay, actually, I was thinking during lessons what I will blog about today. As you guys know, my parents don't really encourage me to talk too much online. Especially an online diary. But I know how to keep boundaries, that's why, I don't mind. I really don't. And it's a love since young that I've been having. I'm never going to give up just like that.

And just like that, I will live my life well.


In floral daze.
Sunday, January 24, 2010 9:30 AM

I want to start a deviantart account!:D

Show you guys my current love. Orginal from: http://adras.deviantart.com/art/Elfa-Illustration-8484908


Just want to say one thing
Saturday, January 23, 2010 8:36 AM

Things changed. I know. I just hope that nothing in my life will change. Nothing important.

I'm going to burst. I can't directly tell anyone. I want to say. Can't. I can't.

What in the world is this?

Yeah, I know. It's called h-e-l-l.

All along I want to say,

Don't change. Please.


7:33 AM

Edit a little. Actually last time that one was only temporary. This is finalised:D Oh loved.


So hi.
Friday, January 22, 2010 6:29 PM

I'm back. Yay? Nowadays my job as a chinese rep is tough. Tough. Hand in your work promptly please, don't make me rush you k? So yea, here i am. Oh yea, share with you guys a very interesting story.

Here's what happen:
Tuesday I board the bus, 189.
Then it's reaching my destination
I can't get out. Why? Simple. Those freaking people just don't want to give space to let me out. And, I did say excuse me, alrights? And maybe I was kind of desperate, I almost wanted to shout " damn you guys, let me out lar!".
But obviously,I didn't.
So where did I stop at? The next stop, which was in front to Clementi Town Secondary school.
Hell, no.
Yea, I was lost.
Did i say that I was lost?
I didn't know where I am. Help!?
So yea, I cried. First time i'm lost, okay?
And help!
I took taxi in the end to school. The taxi driver even had to say 'Don't worry. Can reach in time'.

----------------End of story------------------

And homework is really piling up! But i really want free time. Please? Haha, next week can see my juniors. (: Come join GG. Damn slack-ish!

Lastly, Happy Birthday Wenxin. Thanks Ah yi for everything!


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We love the way how everything changes so fast.
Saturday, January 16, 2010 6:37 PM

Just realised that it's a Saturday today. Lol. I thought it's a Sunday and I was like, kinda worried. I'm afraid that I haven't done my homework yet. O.O And, help me, I guess, I'm kind of weird lately. I just flared up at my brother and mother today. And then, I was like, guilty afterwards. I called my bro 'stupid' and said that he is in a lousy school. I'm idiotic, right? It's not like he didn't try, it's just that he was just unfortunate, after all, he's still my brother. Omg, I'm sad and so freaking miserable now. I mean, I'm like a bad and damn lousy sister.

Oh yea, I'm like hell damn bad.


Nono, don't say it out loud.
9:14 AM


I'm still loving my blogskin. I'm also falling in love with my new URL, maybe I won't move back to my previous one yeah? Simplicity is love-d. For now.

Carrie underwood-play on

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Friday, January 15, 2010 5:12 PM

Replying tags here. Due to? Nothing. Heh.

Sylvia: First! I love you! ^^V
ME:D: Haha ty:D!^^

Z-iyan!: 2nd! ;) Relinked dear! ;) Tagggggged, (L)
ME:D: TY! Loves loves loves you!:)

Jerlyn .: Your blogskin very niceeeeeeeeeeee :DDDDDDDDDDDD. Love it and love you to the max max max . hahahas :D.
ME:D: THANKS THANKS!:D Love yooouuuuuuuu! haha;D (L)

ME:D: TY!:D I talk very less arhs? Haha:)

ME:D: No you bite! Haha:D XD Lols lols!.

iween: u linked me, thx♥I've linked both blogs of yours♥Keep viewing me, thx, you rawk!♥
ME:D: Sure no problem! HAHA:D Okay:D haha tyty!

Hannah!: Question! What are 'cybermates'??? Anyways, linked both blogs under your name, I rock right? :D
ME:D: Yea you rock lar, *laughs*. Cybermates are friends online. haha:D (:!

nah, it's not enough.I'm gonna tag you all back!:D


Love you guys.
4:29 PM

Thanks to all people who have relinked me(: *stares at those who haven't* . Really appreciated.

Oops, I got it wrong yesterday, it was supposed to be called 'Active Citizenship Day' today. Haha. Loads of craps. No offence, but yeah? Anyway, there's lots of things happening today. Bingming was punished and had to stand infront of the whole school during flag raising that time because he was singing too loudly for the school song. Obviously, the teacher thought that he had intentionally wanted to make a fool of himself and scolded him. Er... if you were to ask me, I seriously think he was just showing love for Singapore. *Laughs* .

So we went back to class room and started discussing for the visit to an old folk's home thingy. I think most of the time, I will be just chatting up with the old people. And yea, I'm in charge with Jerlyn and Wenxin to buy the gifts for them too. Awww. :(

And art! Did with Wenxin, Weibin, Yuanrong and XianCui. One word: noisy. Cause? Wenxin and Weibin kept debating-again.

After lunch, went to hall for hosting programme thingy. I was 'at war' with Hwanling. In the end, I did win, I think? Haha:D

Homed with Wenxin and gang. Buhbyes:D


Yay! I love my new blog.
Thursday, January 14, 2010 2:34 PM

So i've moved. To this blog. Somewhere far away. Nah, it's just inside this blogger world. :)

So let's make miracles happen, let our dreams take flight.

After this post, I will be going off. Anyway, shall post about today. Early dismissal. Means? Time for computer. Haha. Nah, I'm have to pack bag and stuffs. Must I do geography today? I don't even feel like touching it.

Woots, anyway tomorrow, there's supposed to be no lessons because Sec 1s are having their camp and we are supposed to be having the urm 'active week'? Anyway, just bring some art stuffs for fun:D

K the end.


I'm here.
Sunday, January 10, 2010 9:38 AM

Mi corazon, Spanish for my heart.

Switched here.:D