‘‘ Every cloud has a silver lining’’
미치게 만들어
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 2:09 PM

Hi haven't been posting but I finally get to do so today! Um since The Heirs is about to reach its end, I figured out that I might as well write about the dramas that I've watched over the past months/weeks. (I lost track of time, sorry.) I think I watched too many but they are all reallyreallyreally good and I feel like my heart would burst from all these pent-up emotions if I don't explicitly say them out so will you bear with me for a while?

The Heirs (상속자들)

This drama has been an enjoyable watch and I really like Kim Woo Bin because he's so sad. I mean he just wants to be loved and initially, I thought he would play the role of the antagonist till the end, but who knows Kim Tan's father took over the role and was a even more merciless guy than I would have thought he would be. This guy doesn't know the true meaning of love. Idiot old man. Park Shin Hye and Lee Minho make quite a good pairing but if I hadn't watched their other dramas, I would have fallen head over heels for them. I think the one couple that genuinely captivated me is Krystal X Minhyuk couple. They are soooooo adorable. I mean I've always known them for being cute but when two cute people come together, it's almost diabetic. I love Krystal and her voice. Even when she's angry or pissed off, her shrill voice is really attractive. ♡ I will miss this drama :(

Queen In Hyun's Man (인현왕후의 남자)

Wow. Tears, what you do to me... Feels too, you are a potent and vicious one I thought I could drown from you overwhelming me. This drama has to be one of the best dramas that I've ever seen. I think it could easily be the best time-travelling drama ever. So this guy got a talisman from a girl who used to be his housemaid which saved him from being killed countless times during the Joseon era by transporting him over 300 years into the modern world. There, he met a girl and it wasn't love at first sight. After several encounters, they became intrigued with each other and feelings blossomed into romance. The talisman was the key to his travel to the modern world and when he developed other desires other than wanting to live, it would turn against him. When the talisman was cut, he forgot about her but she was left with all the memories of him but others were telling her that it didn't happen (the memories) and she was forced to believe that it was all a dream. Only that it happened but because of what happened to the talisman, time was lost. The guy gradually began to remember because he kept feeling that he forgot something important and their reunion has to be the sweetest and most beautiful thing that I've ever seen. I thought if they ended at ep 14, I would be satisfied because the drama gave me everything that I had hoped for but no, they wanted to make it into a flawless drama, addressing every single issue that was separating the leads apart. It was during ep 15-16 that my tears were flowing like they were flowing from an open tap. He couldn't get back to her world because the talisman finally decided to give up on him and turned all black (meaning it could no longer be used no more). He knew she would be all heartbroken, waiting for him to come back because he vanished into air in front of her and she watched him disappear just like that (I can't tell you how absolutely shattering that was but it really was). So he did the most heart-wrenching thing, which was to burn the talisman. Before that, he wrote a letter both to him and to her:
“If I have a last wish, I want to remember you. In an aimless life, to not even have those memories would be hell. And you… and you… if you should happen to read this letter far into the future, I pray you will not realize for whom this letter is meant.”

He wanted her to forget all about him but he didn't want to forget anything about her! (by now, I was probably a horribly wrecked mess because of all the tears) She really did forget and he still kept all his memories. It was a year after and she was doing a show coincidentally on this historic unknown mysterious figure who happened to be him and she didn't recognise his name but somehow, while standing on the same place in the palace, she started crying but she didn't understand why. They were standing at the same spot but just at different times. Then she grew even sadder when she was driving and she really didn't know why she was behaving that way but it was only because the guy was about to commit suicide by using the tie which she gave him. Omg I can't anymore. This was the most devastating scene that I can't go on anymore...

The plot is well thought-out, intricately crafted and it achieved all the most precious elements for a rom-com to be successful. This drama ruined me oh gosh...

Prosecutor Princess (검사 프린세스)

Even though I read many reviews saying that they hate the main character (Ma Hae Ri) and though I agree that her personality is a little absurd, I do not detest her and in fact, I kind of adore her. She is a refreshing character amid all the kind and poor girls that you largely find in kdramas. In fact, I love how the story is fun, vibrant and addictively-paced. I initially had low expectations and just wanted another typical rom-rom but I was offered a lot more than that and it genuinely came as a pleasant surprise. The lead couple are superb and aces as compared to the other characters, who pale in comparison. The story line is compelling and interesting. The soundtrack is an added bonus. Park Shi Hoo is so endearing that I can finally understand my friend's attraction to him. Overall, this drama is a charming watch.

Shut Up Flower Boy Band (닥치고 꽃미남밴드)

Bromance, bromance and bromance. Oh how I just love their bromance here. The romance never really captured my heart but the bromance completely made up for it. Good plot, fun and music to the ears. This is where the rock spirit thrives and where friendship means more than anything in the world.

Not a shipper of them but this song is soothing and I like it a lot. (:

City Hunter (시티헌터)

An unnerving watch, full of action and suspense. Introducing Lee Min Ho, a contract killer who is someone who doesn't wish to take lives, someone who just wishes to lead an ordinary life. Revenge really does make the world go round. It blinds you like a shroud surrounding your vision and is toxic to your mind and heart. I really like Lee Min Ho in this drama though. His personality is cool and he can be all hot and cold on you. The revenge, though, makes the show a tragic one. It will grip your heart but the ending will be a bittersweet one.

Good Doctor (굿 닥터)

A heartwarming drama and it makes for a good family drama. Moon Chae Won is really pretty *___* With Kim Joong Kook's and Baek Ji Young's OST as an added bonus.

Master's Sun (주군의 태양)

I shall admit that at first, I was a little hesitant and scared of watching the drama because there is the element of horror in it, meaning ghosts (omg). But my curiosity won over my fear because I was really intrigued by this new genre of horror rom-com so I decided to muster up my courage and watch it. The first episode was really creepy but it made me want more. It took me quite a number of episodes to get used to the ghosts and become less afraid but I would be lying if I say that I became fearless because their first appearances are always so creepy and they would always freak me out. The sound and visual effects make everything more realistic and even more freaky so you can't exactly blame me for being such a coward. The plot is, well, perfect! I love how the leads developed feelings for each other even though at first it was more of a contract like "I shall detect ghosts for you while you lend me your shelter". I especially love this line, "Your shelter is here. Now, hide." It made me melt. Sweet drama. Easily one of the best for 2013. :)) Not to mention the flawless OST, with Hyorin's Crazy of you (my title) and Yoon Mi Rae's Touch love (which won the best OST in both Melon Music Awards and MAMA). I'm forever a proud fan of this drama!!


Life of D
Tuesday, October 15, 2013 9:02 AM

This has been so long but I'd really want to talk about it. I really like the zoo, as in really like. I like the earthy smell (no, not animals' excretion and faeces), the warm but still cool breeze (I think I might have chosen a relatively cooler day which is why I have no complaints about any sweltering hot weather), and most of all, the animals.

My favourite would be the sun bears even though they are too dark for my standards, but they were not entitled to choose their coat colour, were they? They are adorable and round, and they seem so cuddly that I so want to hug them. They even looked in my direction when I went to visit their enclosure several times. I think I really adore bears, particularly the large and cute ones.

To be honest, I like the polar bear too. It has coat the colour of snow, pure and white. Sadly though, it never did give me even a slight look when I went to visit it... However, I found the heart to forgive it because it just looked so... sad. It was staring out of the small hole of its enclosure with sunlight staring down on it, seeming pensive, the space surrounding it appearing bare. The voidness made me sympathise with the giant creature and even though I don't speak bear language, it was apparent that it was lonely. I really wish they put in some tonnes of snow someday or bring in another friend so that it won't stay desolate like this forever. I genuinely believe that animals have feelings, akin to humans, and these feelings are not any less insignificant than our feelings.

I've also taken a peculiar liking to the carnivores, surprisingly, and in this case, they are the lions. Caged lions appear to be less majestic in size and they rarely ever roar, in contrast to those in the wild. Their senses seem to be less sharp though they seem to have a built-in body clock which tells them exactly when their feeding times are. I do not know if they know this by the patterns of the sky or the sun, but it is this instinct of theirs that caught my eyes. Intriguing, indeed.

The white tiger, another great predator in the natural environment, had a famished look on the day of my visit. But I've been told that it looks hungry every single day. Anxiety filled me when I was standing opposite the white tiger family. I was worried as there weren't any barriers except for a rather large space in between the viewing spot and their enclosure. I fear that one day, one fateful day, it might just summon enough courage and energy to leap across and devour humans. That, I hope, is just part of my paranoia that led me into conjuring up this frightening scene.

Another bunch of enchanting creatures I met is the meerkat family. I've read the "Life of Pi" and I was horribly upset when the tiger actually just swallowed these little cuties up. (The Life of Pi is indeed an exotic story, though there are some segments that made my reading hard due to the overly vivid yet apt description of the savage tiger.)

I can't forget the herbivores too, can I? I've found fondness for the giraffes. I think that they are really massive, especially in the vertical direction. I think they are adorable and their sleeping posture is hilarious.

Even though I missed many animals show due to my relatively late arrival, I managed to catch one, which happened to be 'Elephants @ Play' or something like that. I have not many comments on that except that I feel quite righteous and I'd like to say that it's not justified to train animals for humans' pleasure. It is similar to forcing them to do things against nature and that is something which I do not agree with. Interestingly though, the elephants appeared to be quite delighted that day so I shall suppress my 'animal activist' self for now.

The "Life of D" ends here because yours truly is just plain lazy.


“The world is not a wish-granting factory.”
Saturday, August 17, 2013 4:25 PM

“There are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. There's .1 and .12 and .112 and an infinite collection of others. Of course, there is a bigger infinite set of numbers between 0 and 2, or between 0 and a million. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. A writer we used to like taught us that. There are days, many of them, when I resent the size of my unbounded set. I want more numbers than I'm likely to get, and God, I want more numbers for Augustus Waters than he got. But, Gus, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn't trade it for the world. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I'm grateful.”
— John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

I've read "The Fault In Our Stars", fallen in love with it and got my heart torn from reading it. It might seem like a miracle for two people to find solace and love in each other under the most unbelievable circumstances, but I believe these things happen. Or rather, I want to believe that these things do happen. The main character has the most sophisticated aura that I've ever seen (or read, in this case). She notices things and sees things in a different perspective from others. She is bright and strong. Her mind is an intricate labyrinth that will embroil you. And yes, I adore her, this frictional character of Green. So fascinating is her personality that it makes me want to be like her because she views things in such a clear, vivid light. Then of course, there's the guy, yet another intriguing character who caused me to be captivated, enchanted even. Together, they do make a great pair, except that life doesn't always go the way you want it to be and because pain demands to be felt. Indeed, the world is, after all, not a wish-granting factory.